Explore and be a part of exciting events in Liverpool this year

A city with history of manufacturing, Liverpool is now a perfect combination of art and music. Considered as the birthplace of Beatles, it is also home to Philharmonic orchestra. Offering an array of free museums and restaurants, there are several events that keep on happening in and around Liverpool. Though the city is known for football and Beatles, there is much more to the city than this. Shrugging off its past reputation, the city gives off a very positive vibe and energy.

Flooding, lodging and transportation guide

Some of the most important things you can do in Liverpool is to visit the World Museum or see a football match. Also, you can learn more about the Beatles story, visit the Liverpool Cathedral or explore the Williamson’s Travels. For a dorm room, the typical costs include 15-25 GBP. Whereas, a private room in a hostel includes around 70 GBP per night. Also, not many budget hotels are available in Liverpool all the time. A double room in Liverpool typically costs around 45-95 GBP per night. Liverpool has an array of options when it comes to eating. Fish and chips usually cost around 5 GBP while Delis can offer you a variety of delicious sandwiches at 5-7 GBP. At a sit down restaurant, you are expected to pay 21GBP for a meal that also includes a drink. Transportation costs in Liverpool is pretty much reasonable. Buses are a convenient mode of transportation and a day pass will cost around 3.70 GBP. The fares usually depend on the distance you travel, so it is better to go for a day pass to travel around.

Events in Liverpool

This year there is a lot of fun and exciting events that are happening in and around Liverpool. From sports, food, fashion, arts to family events, there is an array of events that will take place in Liverpool this year. There is an International Music Festival on 20-21 July at the Sefton Park where you get to experience live music from global household names. If you are fan  of Comic Con, then there is an exhibition coming between 8-10 March. Also, if you are a fan of WWE, then you must visit M & S Bank Arena where you can be a part of the action that would be happening there. A perfect blend of sports and entertainment, the events are ideal for tourists who seek fun, frolic and entertainment. If you wish to know more about events in Liverpool. Liverpool One is the ideal place to know more about all sorts of events.

Some of the important money savings tips while you visit Liverpool is to buy and cook your own food to save the expenditure on food. You can also take a walking tour to explore the city and know a bit more about the past. Also, make most of the visit by knowing more about the city and exploring the history of the place by taking free tours to museums. Also, try avoiding spending too much on hotels by couchsurfing which will give you a deep insight of the place.  

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