Family Friendly Places in Turkey

Fantastical, exotic Turkey intrigues kids of all ages with its ancient cities, magical castles, lively beaches and mysterious underground worlds. Following are some of the top spots for touring with kids.



Intriguing Istanbul, with its glittery bazaars, Arabian Night palaces and pretty beaches, is full of opportunities for family fun. Historic Old Istanbul will be sure to enchant kiddies with its fairytale mosques, minarets and palaces. One of Istanbul’s most popular attractions, the Topkapi Palace is an opulent Middle Eastern dream, with hundreds of lavish chambers where sultans dwelled for nearly 400 years with their harems, children and servants. Ferryboat rides are breezy family expeditions, perfect for touring the historic Bosphorus or exploring the picturesque Princes’ Islands.



With its spell-binding Crusader fortress ruins, boats and beaches, the colorful resort of Bodrum is a lively family holiday spot and welcome addition to any cheap holiday to Turkey. Take a motor sailing cruise on traditional wooden gullet yacht, disembarking for a walk through ancient ruins or swimming, snorkeling and lunch in a quiet cove. Kids with a love of historic horseplay will be enthralled by a tour of the sprawling Castle of St. Peter, a medieval fortress built in the 1400s by the Knights of St. John. Today, the castle is home to the world-famous Museum of Underwater Archaeology, a thrilling trove of wrecked ships, golden jewellery and ancient cargos. Now in spectacular ruins, the nearby Mausoleum was once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.



Situated in central Anatolia, this intriguing mountain district will tickle the imagination of travelling tots with its bizarre moonscape geography, deep caves and underground abodes. Explore the area around Avanos and Sinasos where erosion has sculpted volcanic rock into amazing fairy chimney forms, caves, clefts and undulating folds. For a high rising adventure, take a hot air balloon ride at dawn over the magnificent valleys and peaks, then take a hike through incredible valleys, caves and painted monasteries. Give the kids the ultimate hotel adventure by booking a stay in a cave room at one of several local inns situated in restored underground dwellings carved from the area’s soft volcanic rock.

Dolphinland and Aqualand


Located in major Turkish holiday destination Antalya Beach, these twin theme parks are fun, fantastic places to cool down during the steamy summer months while enjoying some amazing animal entertainment. Dolphinland is located right on the lively Antalya beachfront and offers shows starring dolphins, sea lions and white whales. Right next door, Aqualand lures sweaty kids with the irresistible offer of towering waterfalls and speedy water slides.

Dedeman Waterpark

Also located in family-friendly Antalya, Dedeman is one of the largest water parks in the entire Middle East. Loaded with miles of water slides, eateries, children’s pools, boat rides, wave pool, sunbathing spots and so much more, this sprawling wet wonderland is perfect for a day out with the kids.

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