Fascinating Costume Ideas for Stag Weekend in Barcelona


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Spain is a fantastic choice for a sunny Stag Weekend abroad, with lively Barcelona at the top of the list. With plenty of great bars, clubs and activities your party is sure to have a great time. Fancy Dress parties are always popular for Stag Weekends and we have five great suggestions for you.

Of course your general plans for the weekend will have an influence on what fancy dress style you choose (you wouldn’t want to try getting into exclusive nightclubs dressed as a Viking, for example) so we’ll take a look at various ideas for both day and night-time fun.

Number Five

If you intend to hit the more exclusive clubs, bars and restaurants during your stag weekend abroad then why not theme your party after 1920s Gangsters. Sharp, pinstriped suits, braces, fat cigars and wide-brimmed hats. Stand out from the other groups of revellers with a stylist, yet still silly fancy dress theme. For added cool points, hold the party on a private Yacht hired through Red Seven Leisure.

Number Four

Going out on the town dressed in current football kits is about as far away from “cool” as you can get. Take it back a few decades however and you have far more room for creative license. Take your pick from the football Superstars of the 70s and 80s and get some retro football shirts, bad wigs and moustaches and see what sort of International Super Team you can put together. Check out deals from Red Seven Leisure that include Stadium tours and 5 a side football to add to the experience.

Number Three

If you intend to hit the beaches or poolside bars then why not incorporate a Roman style Toga Party into your day. Sandals, white-sheets for togas and a few Caesar-inspired crowns of leaves and you have a great group fancy-dress theme that can be instantly removed for a dip into the sea or the pool. Cheap, easy to find, comfortable to wear and cool in warm weather; a Toga Party might be the smartest fancy-dress choice possible for a sunny place like Spain.

Number Two

Dress your party as a band of travelling Luchadors. Luchadors are mysterious, masked, Mexican wrestlers and their colourful outfits, patterned masks and flowing capes make for a tremendous visual. As fancy dress costumes go they are pretty easy to put together, though perhaps not everyone will be easily persuaded to pull on the spandex trousers and find their inner Luchador. Choose whether to dress as a Hero or a Villain and see who is left standing tall.

Number One

A killer party for the undead. If your party is up for the challenge, a Stag Weekend group made up of Zombies is certainly one you are sure to remember for a very long time. Green face paint, ragged clothing and all the fake blood you can find will transform your group into a hoard of walking flesh-eaters, hungry for brains (and cocktails). Practice your zombie shuffle, the vacant stare and a convincing moan and you are ready to go.

Get Everyone Involved

The key to a great Stag Weekend is enthusiasm. If you can get everyone involved as early as possible in the planning process the anticipation will be sky-high. Make the choice of fancy-dress a group decision so everyone is on board and everyone will be happy. Whether you go as Gangsters, Footballers, 80s Action Stars or Roman Centurions, as long as the vibe is good, everyone will have a great time!

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