Few Foresights & Anticipations That Turn Your Journey into a Bliss

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Apparently, when you are aiming for a long trip, planning to travel in the developing world, there may arise a question in mind! Why do we travel? I feel, apart from shopping, dining, city sightseeing, visiting historical sites and amusement/theme parks (those are main reasons behind tourist’s attraction in U.S.) travel experiences contribute to our personal growth. Travel provides enormous joy and adventure, though it has it’s own negative aspects as well. Specialists and Experienced guides often tend to advice that international travel is inherently dangerous. I’ve experienced many different places like US, England, Holland, Canada, Philippines, France, etc. and I agree to some extent that a woman traveling in unknown world, needs to be highly careful, especially if she is alone. My personal experience says so. But no need to back out, you still can carry on with your planning. Here goes few do’s and don’ts that I would like to share with you all.

  1. Try to keep the luggage as precise as possible. If possible try to take a single big bag to pack all necessary belongings. From clothes to camera everything should be right there within the bag. If you want, in addition can take a handy, small bag along with it. Most of the time while packing, we get provoked to pack as much as possible. But practically we hardly need so many pairs of dresses out there. Try not to wear expensive jewelry or wrist watch during trip as women mostly get marked by robbers because of these items in an unknown country.
  2. Few important belongings need to be taken like snacks, a comparatively cheap Mobile, USB, Laptop, Pepper spray for emergency etc. At the same time pack your passport, air tickets and other important documents inside a different pocket.Hire a car from one of the most reputed companies and allot it at least a month before your journey.
  3. Never carry your total amount of money in a single pocket, spread it all over and keep it at different spots of bags and jeans at a certain amount. When you are planning for a trip, never be afraid of having local cheap foods from sub urban or small food shops. This is good for you in order to cut down the expense, but drink mineral water because most of the time visitors get affected by water disease.
  4. Try to self analyze and maintain a parity between your expectation and practicality. It can’t be always like everything should be well planned just the way you had thought of, as once you step out of your zone, an un known journey won’t always be under your control. Always keep a sporting attitude to life and come whatever may, simply welcome it with open arms.

There are places like Mexico, which is really scary and dangerous for tourists at times. So now let’s talk about the points that you shouldn’t do in a trip:
1) Never look like a tourist or draw attention to yourself. Try to mingle with the crowd. Your dressing should be casual and not something attention drawing. Don’t travel outside major cities in the evening. Try to stay in resort only.
2) Go through the local travel guidelines and custom information. It will guide you regarding where to go and what exactly to do.
3) Always be prepared for the unexpected and sometimes for the inevitable as well. You have to be alert if you are away from a resort and traveling at night. While passing through the alarming places, trucks, cars and buses get stopped sometimes for verification or else for robbery. So its better you avoid night adventures at such places.
4) Only use camera where the environment is safe, otherwise don’t dare to click pictures everywhere just for the heck of it.
Lastly I would suggest that make a lot of local friends and listen to their advice. They will make you well aware of the area and it’s people. They also know most of the dangerous and dark sectors of the city, where you should avoid going by hook or by crook. Take the best out of your journey and combat the worst with fortitude. As this is what called a true spirit of an ideal traveler.
Summary- A well planned preparation and necessary measures, lead to a hassle free trip. So what’s the harm if we take extra care of it and travel accordingly? At the end, I will turn out to be the gainer.

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Article by – Patricia Anderson

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.

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