Five Idyllic Bays on the Turquoise Coast

When a country is filled with historical attractions and beautiful destinations to visit, it can be hard to make a choice on where to go, especially if it is the first time. The turquoise coast of Turkey has been famous throughout history and has been visited by rulers such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and many modern leaders.

Turkey has also been a strategic or sought-after place throughout many conflicts, ranging from the Hittite Empire to WWII. While this region of the world has been and remains popular, the natural beauty remains and the ancient ruins of these fascinating cultures add to the attraction. With a huge variety of places to visit, the following are five destinations that can only be reached by boat offering a wonderful and relaxing experiences for your next holiday;

Aquarium Bay

This beautiful bay is on an island off the coast of south-west Turkey. This natural bay attracts visitors for different reasons, from spending the day on board watching the scenery, to enjoying the water either by snorkelling or by diving. Aquarium bay gained its name for the variety of colourful exotic fish. There are also the occasional endangered Loggerhead Turtles that feed and lazily swim in these warm waters.

English Port

This surprisingly named port gained its name during World War two when the British Navy used the bay to take shelter from the elements. Sadly, as is the case with the events of the time, there is a sunken naval ship in the bay. These modern wrecks attract divers who wishes to experience something different.

Above the waterline there is a pleasant peacefulness, there are also a few restaurants on the quiet port that serve freshly caught fish and home-made meals.

Smugglers Inn

Daringly built on a quiet bay is a bar called Smugglers Inn. This bar was built in an area that can only be reached by boat which makes it a popular spot with the blue cruises. Sail Turkey has many of their cruises make an overnight stop in a nearby bay. The anchor point is close enough for the dinghy to collect and drop off but far enough away that the noise is not disturbing.

Nearby is also a cave that was once used by pirates to hide in when the elements or authorities were against them, likely where the bar got its name from.


While this island is Greek controlled, it resides close to Bodrum on the Turkish coast. This Greek island has played a major role in both history and mythological significance. Asklepieion is an ancient medical training centre that was where Hippocrates trained before travelling to learn other techniques and debunking charlatans.

The Asklepieion eventually created the Hippocratic oath as an example of ethical work. During the summer months, there are celebrations at the Asklepieion according to tradition.

This island also has beautiful sandy beaches that look out to the Aegean Sea and offer unparalleled views.

St. Nicholas Island

Situated off the coast near the popular beach of Gemiler, St Nicholas island has a wonderful natural beauty that has woven its way around the ruins that can be found here. The height of the hill in the centre of the small island offers breathtaking panoramic views of the pine-covered mountains that slope towards the Turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.

Along with the beauty, the ruins offer an unusual story for their existence. These ruins were created by St. Nicholas as a refuge for religious observation. While these buildings were used for religion they have humble architectural style so as to not disturb nature more than necessary. St. Nicholas is the origin point for the story of Santa Claus and he was said to be extraordinarily generous most notably towards children.

Here are five places to visit in the wonderful country of Turkey. Remember, when visiting this amazing coastline that there is so much history and nature to see, try not to limit yourself – get out there an explore!

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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