Four sites to visit in the Holy Land

If you are looking to plan a trip to the Holy Land, you’ll know there are many different places where you can learn about the area’s rich history and culture. Not only will you want to see Israel, but you’ll get the chance to see some beautiful places as well.

Preparing such an expedition means you’ll have to carefully plan where you want to go, so you can explore the very best sites that have the most meaning to you. These are just some of the sites you may wish to include on your list.

How do I see all these places?

To make sure you see the best sites on your visit and to make the most of your experience, you may wish to book a tour of Israel. Brands such as Heavenly Tours – which specialises in trips to the Holy Land from South Africa – will have packages on offer for people wanting to take a pilgrimage to this area.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This church, located in the Christian quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, was built at the site of Jesus’s crucifixion. It is considered one of the most holy sites that Christians visit while on pilgrimage to this area.

The church has four of the Stations of the Cross as part of the Via Dolorosa, also known as the Way of Sorrows. This is the path that Jesus took from His trial to His crucifixion, and then the tomb where He was laid to rest. The route has a total of 14 Stations of the Cross, and pilgrims can stop at each one to reflect on the pain of Jesus’s journey.

Mount of Olives

Mentioned several times in both the Old and New testaments, the Mount of Olives is a ridge located just outside of Jerusalem. This is the site where Jesus ascended into heaven and was where He would rest and pray during His life. This is an ideal place to think about the miracle of Jesus’s ascension into heaven, while overlooking Jerusalem itself.

Mount Zion

This is situated in Jerusalem itself, and has a number of sites that you may wish to visit while in the city on your pilgrimage. Dormition Abbey, for instance, is at the site where it is believed the Last Supper took place, as well as the assumption of Mary – Jesus’s mother – into heaven.

Another site worth noting is the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, which is built on the spot where Peter denied Jesus three times.

The Temple Mount

It’s here that the Temple of King Solomon was thought to have once stood and has a great religious significance to millions of people. The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine. This is where it is believed God created Adam and where Abraham took his son Isaac to sacrifice him for God.


The Western Wall is another important site. Jesus visited it many times during His life and is where He was teaching.

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