Guide to Off-peak Holidaying

Guide to Off-peak holidaying

What happens when you go on holiday during the peak season? Sure it’s sun, sand and sea for two weeks. But prices are hiked, the queues to the water park mean you only get a single turn on anything remotely fun, and you have that awful, deep, nagging feeling that things would have been better if you’d only gone away earlier…or even a little later.

Well, great news for the flexible amongst us. Off-peak holidaying is a fantastic way to cut costs and have a great time without breaking the bank. It is being actively encouraged in places such as Europe as a way to boost the Eurozone, but travelling elsewhere out of peak season has its benefits too.

Down Under

Australia. Winter there is hotter than the summer in most other countries’ so it’s ideal for the off-peak crowd. Bottom line is your ice cream is still going to melt. A trip, which might set you back over £1,000 in the peak months and holiday season, has an average November price of only £750.


A bit closer for the UK traveller is Malta. Sure, hitting Skegness in November might earn you a little fun, and probably a lot of frostbite. November in Malta is a slightly more tolerable 22C, with six hours of sun per day. Three nights bed and breakfast might only cost you as little as £200.


A haven for the British holiday goer, Spain is still a wonderful place to visit off peak. Even pre or post-peak, you can expect temperatures to reach 20C in places. Barcelona is perfect for the city lovers, whilst islands such as Majorca still prove popular if you want a beach. You’ll probably get first dibs on the sun loungers too!


This might be one of the few places where the off-peak season is much more preferable. Maximum temperatures in the summer might exceed 40C, whereas visiting between November and April, you’ll probably get a more holiday-friendly 30C. Remember, Monsoon season starts around June – July, so off-peak is advisable if tropical storms aren’t included on your wish list.

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