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Enjoy your trip !

Enyor your trip

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On day one, the typical traveler spends quite a bit of time thinking about what was left behind of left undone. This is especially true throughout the flight. There is a simple solution to avoid having to undergo the stress of worrying about whether the stove was left on or whether the curling iron has been unplugged: Make a list of obvious must-dos. The more thorough the list, the greater your peace of mind. Here is a sample list with items you might think too obvious to include:

  • Unplug iron
  • Turn off stove
  • Pay utilities bill
  • Forward phone line
  • Close all windows
  • Close curtains

Including obvious items isn’t superfluous because the things we tend to forget are indeed the most obvious. Hence on the morning of your departure, go through this list one obvious item at a time. As you move from reminder to reminder, you will note the items are so obvious that you can go through them in very little time. Yet once you have the list of checked-off items in hand, you can rest assured that nothing important has been forgotten. This is how one can buy peace of mind for the departure.

On day two, you will be in a stage of orientation, so you can spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how things work at your resort, or, in the case of a typical hotel, you will be figuring out the best places to eat, the location of the best hot spots, and so on. This process of discovery can be time consuming, so know the basics before your departure. Do the research ahead of time. Check out online reviews (Trip Advisor is excellent for this purpose) and commentary on the best hot spots and restaurants. And get a good feel for who is providing that information. You don’t necessarily want to take night club advice from someone who is not in your age group, or someone who enjoys different things.

Day three: You should be in your own element by now. There is still discovery to be done, and that’s a good thing, but you should know all the basics by this point. You’re finally ready to start enjoying your trip to the fullest and are able to do so because you now have all the required information.

The point of being away is that you should feel entitled to your escape, and you should not be thinking about the duration of your trip. However, time is a reality and if you’re only on vacation for one week, the time can fly. A seven day trip becomes a four day trip if you’re not careful, and day seven can be a write-off, depending on your time of departure. Make sure that you are making the best of that last day, even if it’s only a half day. You will have an abundance of time to sleep on the trip home if your flight is longer than three hours long, so don’t worry about rest! Make the most of it.

Guest Post by In Oshawa:

These tips were provided by In Oshawa, a community website. If you’re planning a tropical trip, you may want to check out our Peterborough travel clinic page.

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