How to Travel During COVID Season Stress-Free

Many of us are flat out tired of being in the house. 

Most of the world has been in quarantine for some extended period over the last few months, so a burst in travel is expected. 

Some people never slowed down, but others have been more hesitant to jump on a plane with all the risks it involves. 

However, most of the latter group has decided it should be fine to travel as long as you travel safely and follow specific tips and guidelines. 

Here are a few simple, yet crucial tips you need to keep in mind when traveling. 

Travel Hand Sanitizer and Lysol Wipes

This goes without saying, right? 

We see hand sanitizer almost everywhere we go, and it’s for a good reason. Hand sanitizer is essential for travel because you may not always have access to handwashing facilities. 

Not to mention, travel to different countries means different bacterias, etc. Having your hand sanitizer on deck will safeguard you from germs when you cannot wash your hands. It’s that simple. 

Lysol wipes are just as important because it’s noted Coronavirus stays on surfaces for an extended amount of time. Although a specific amount of time is unknown, this makes it scary for most people—the unknown aspect. 

This is why these wipes are vital to any travel trip because you need to wipe down surfaces that are heavily touched by the travelers before you. These surfaces include doorknobs, tabletops, countertops, light fixtures, etc. 

It’s tedious but well worth the effort. 

Take Your Own Bedding 

One thing we all think about is how many people have laid in the hotel bed we’re supposed to use during our stay. 

And we’ve possibly all seen one too many Dateline special where they pull out the blue-light and find horrific discoveries on the linens. 

This only amplifies our worry and concern. This being the case, it doesn’t hurt to bring along your own bedding, like sheets and pillowcases, and a blanket if you fancy it. 

Many hotels claim to have an exceptional cleaning staff, but why risk it in a time like this? 

Check the Airlines Capacity Rate

For a minute there, it seemed all travel stopped in most parts of the world. Many countries have travel restrictions, leaving airlines unsure of how to proceed.

As we’ve made our way through (what we hope to be) the thick of COVID, we’ve seen air travel creep back up to usual rates. But many wonder how crowded the plane will be? 

Many of our thoughts go back to being stuffed in between strangers, subjected to their odd habits and tendencies for hours. Well, you’ll be happy to hear most airlines are abiding by some sort of travel capacity guidelines

You can check with your airline beforehand to see how they’re going about protecting their passengers. 

Suppose you used to suffer any type of stress or anxiety when flying. In that case, those feelings may be amplified with everything going on. This is a huge reason many have turned to the natural and calming properties of CBD capsules from CBDfx.

CBD contains beneficial cannabinoids that work with our endocannabinoid system. Together, they can communicate with the necessary receptors to maintain homeostasis in the body. 

Hemp-based CBD is legal in most states and countries. Make sure you do the proper research regarding the legality of your departure and arrival destination. Also, make sure to keep a copy of the lab-report handy, so you can prove your product is hemp based and not THC. 

Most companies have these reports right on the web site, so you can screenshot it and have it readily available. This way, you can travel with ease and relax no matter how long your flight is.  

Contact Your Hotel for COVID Precautions 

Going back to hotel concerns, you can always call the hotel you plan to stay at ahead of time to see how they’re going about protecting patrons from COVID. 

Most hotels are implementing the 6ft distance rule, placing stickers on the ground to know how far you should be from one another. 

Also, they’re making sure to disinfect common areas and frequently touched surfaces. Some establishments use high-grade disinfecting machines to guarantee a clean stay, but this is something you’ll need to contact the hotel to confirm. 

Parting Thoughts for Fellow Travelers

Some of us love to travel, and the thought of having to stay in one place is enough to drive us insane. Not to mention, travel is still pretty reasonable at the moment. 

When you’re planning to drive during your travel, consider looking into the  International Driver’s Association so you can drive wherever you travel.

When you’re traveling during Cold and COVID season, make sure you take all the necessary precautions—mask, sanitizer, wipes, distance, proper accommodations, etc. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get out and see the world right now, but you have to keep the risk factor in mind and work against it to protect yourself and your family. 

Wheels up!

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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