Improve Your Vacations – Short Breaks Are Better

Improve Your Vacations – Short Breaks Are Better


For a lot of people, and I counted myself in this group until recently, the ideal vacation was a two week summer getaway. Most of my childhood family vacations were two week beach holidays to France and Spain. I guess that I just inherited this way of thinking and it is only recently that I thought that maybe having short breaks could be better for me. After working for a small company means that not being there for two weeks results in my job not getting done. I am in no way an essential cog in the business however booking the holiday was previously met with reservations from my employer. It was last summer that this became an issue when I was unable to book my normal two week break so my and was forced to take short breaks.

Variety is the spice of life


Taking smaller breaks gives you the opportunity to spread your travels over a few destinations. There are so many online deals for last minute weekend breaks. Book yourself a long weekend, this will only require a couple of days holiday and then sit back and wait. Try to be as brave as you can as the longer you wait the better the deal. If you wait until the week before you go then you get massive discounts. Also it helps not having a destination in mind when booking, go for whatever the is available.  This way you could end up going to destinations you never would have initially thought of.

Makes You Happier

According to research people who take short breaks have more happy memories when compared to people who take the ‘standard’ two week vacation.

Why is this?

Well to be honest I have absolutely no idea, bit according to a few articles I have read on the matter is that basically the longer you are on your holiday the more used to your surrounding you become. You get less enjoyment out of just being there because the novelty and extra enjoyment has worn off.

Less Stress

Part of the joy and subsequent downright pain in the backside of a long holiday is that it opens the opportunity for spreading your wings a travelling further. However, travelling to far flung destination is often combined with stressful and uncomfortable travel. Is it really worth all the hassle, why spend almost an entire day sat on a plan when you could instead jump on train for a few hours and spend the rest of your day relaxing.

If It All Goes Wrong

In the worst case scenario if you have booked somewhere and arrive and it really doesn’t match what you wanted then it being a short break means that you won’t have to put up with for too long. Imagine how long a stay in a hotel would feel if club 18 to 30 were your neighbours!


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