Intriguing Facts About Alibaug As A Tourist Destination

Alibaug, also known as Alibag, is a small town located south of Mumbai in India. It is a prime attraction city despite its small size as compared to other cities within the same country. There are several ways you can get there if you decide to visit. You can use a boat to get to Mandawa Jetty or even use a ferry. It’s quicker though to use a speed boat as you would only need 20 minutes to be there. Once you reach the jetty, the beach is 30 minutes away so you can either use a bus or a rickshaw, but it’s convenient to take the bus as the price is included in the ferry if you had opted for it earlier. Another notable point is the timing of these transportation modes so as not to get there late and end up being stranded. Before visiting Alibaug, consider these tips to ensure you visit all the good places and at the right time.

Convenient Times To Visit Alibaug

If you plan to visit Alibaug, make sure you research on the favourable time in terms of weather conditions to have an exciting trip. It would be best if you travel any time from November to around February. It’s during this period that the weather is most refreshing and dry. Later the temperature rises quickly, making it unfavourable for tourists to have a good time. However, you should always check the weather forecast and visit any time the weather is quite stable, so you don’t have to limit yourself in regards to timing. Note that there are times when the town is quite busy like during summer and when Diwali starts in October.

Places To Visit And What To Do.

Alibaug isn’t just your ordinary type of beach town as there’s a lot of history behind the establishment in the city. You can take time and learn this history by visiting the prehistoric sites like forts and monuments to get information.

Kolaba Fort is the leading attraction site in the town. The ocean surrounds the fort. If you decide to visit, you can take a horse-pulled cart or a boat. Also, you have the option of just walking there if the tide is a bit low. However, always have a tour guide who is conversant with the place to accompany you.

Kanekeshwar Temple is another interesting site to visit. However, its located very high and you will have to go through almost 700 steps to reach its peak. Fortunately, once you arrive at the top, the site is rewarding as you get to see nearly all of the town and other smaller statutes.

Murud Janjira Fort is also another place you can visit. The good thing here is there no limit in regards to time on when you can visit. The fort was initially just a wooden structure, but further renovation made it beautiful and worth visiting.

If you are a nature lover and you like to explore, then you will have an awesome treat. There’s a nature biodiversity garden just along the Mumbai Alibaug road, which offers an educational experience as it’s divided into 17 different themed sections. You will learn about spices, medicinal herbs, and butterflies, amongst other elements. 

Dashrath Museum is also an intriguing place to visit. Showcasing an excellent Indian artist’s work like ceramics and painting is done here. You can visit and buy souvenirs for your friends.

Beaches In Alibaug

There are several beaches in Alibaug where you can have a good time. If you are interested in having fun in the sun, the beaches are places where a variety of sporting activities go on. Therefore, you can participate in and learn new things. If you settle to visit a beach, there an overwhelming list from which to choose. Alibaug has Kihim beach, Akshi beach, Nagaon beach, Murud beach, and Mandwa beach, among others. All these beaches have unique and different things to offer. If your time is limited, you may not visit all of them, but you can research and see the most exciting ones for a pleasant experience. However, if you are looking into a place that is a bit secluded and private, then Akshi beach is highly recommended. You will get to participate in bird watching as well and have more fun.

Types Of Accommodation Places

Alibaug offers a range of hotels to accommodate all the tourists visiting. However, you will not be only limited to hotels as there are cottages, villas and bungalow with pool in Alibaug that you can rent as well. The cabins are recommendable for groups or if you are visiting with your family, although if you want to book one and stay alone, you can go ahead. The number of accommodation places includes Radisson Blu Resort, which known for pampering of guests, Mango Beach House, which is just a short walk from the beach, therefore quite convenient and Mamas House, which is a beautiful modern island-themed home stay among others. Explore the whole list of accommodation and compare pricing with the features and services offered to ensure you enjoy your holiday.

Where and What To Eat and Drink

Since there a presence of the ocean, you will expect to have a good experience in the variety of seafood offered. The seafood is the same, but all the food joints and hotels uniquely prepare them. A commonplace with good food is Hotel Sanman, which also has a bar where you get mouth-watering cocktails. The type of cooking is local, giving an experience of what the locals eat. Most places serving food location is on the beaches, so you spend less time trying to feed.

Alibaug is an exciting place to visit. However, it can get a bit dangerous during the monsoon as tides get quite high. If you decide to choose Alibaug as your trip destination, you have a guarantee of having an excellent time and exciting experience.

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