Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Travel to Kumbhalgarh:

It has always been a yearly practice for me to go on a road trip with my cousins. We get together every year to have a fun trip, and in the process get the time to bond and chill while also visiting some beautiful places. Being based out of Jaipur, there are plenty of options nearby for us to visit – this year, we chose to spend our time at the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which was located a few hours away.

Getting a vehicle for the trip has traditionally been difficult, but this year we chose to try the Savaari car rentals which have been gaining prominence in the area – and boy, were we surprised. It has never been this easy to hire a reliable and economical car with driver in Jaipur, and we got just the large car we wanted which could fit the six of us comfortably. We usually get a driver so that we do not have to stress during the trip, and the Savaari car driver was courteous and always on time.  

Overview and daily activities:

We had planned to spend two days exploring the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, and our plan was to stay there for a single night for the experience. We left early in the morning on a Saturday, at around 3 AM – the driver was on time even at this ungodly hour, and we started on our journey without a hitch. We reached the Sanctuary at around 9 AM and caught the wonderful Rajasthani sunrise while on the road. The drive from Jaipur was as pleasant as any.

Located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary is one of the best in the nation. The majestic Aravalli mountain ranges are present within the sanctuary, and the place encircles many parts of Udaipur, Pali and Rajsamand itself. We were understandably psyched about getting to experience a relatively untouched wildlife sanctuary all by ourselves and were looking forward to meeting all kind of animals on the trip. Upon reaching the sanctuary, we were quite surprised – the lush green forests of the area were not what we expected to find in a sanctuary in the middle of Rajasthan, a desert state. We found out that the sanctuary actually divides the two main parts of Rajasthan, into Mewar and Marwar.

We went out on a safari the day we reached, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous wolf pack which roams around the sanctuary. Although each of us had our eyes and ears alert for any signs of the pack, we could still not catch a glimpse of the animals. Even though we were understandably disappointed, we still had a great time playing games and sighting some pretty rare birds within the sanctuary. The safari from Kumbhalgarh to Thandi Beri is actually only around 15 km in distance, but the round trip takes around 4 hours if you are looking to drink in the sights of the sanctuary completely. Getting the safari arranged is easy enough, once you are in the area. Hire

After reaching back, we decided to rest for the day. We had booked rooms in a hotel and decided to spend the night stuffing ourselves on delicious food and catching up on each others’ lives.

The next day, we woke up early to catch the majestic sunrise from the sanctuary. We then had a light breakfast, since we had a day of trekking and exploring the sanctuary on foot ahead of us. The hilly terrain is a fantastic experience, although it is suitable for people new to trekking too. The trail called the Tirthankar Natural Trail is a fun experience, and it is relatively short too. We gained an understanding of the Aravalli ecosystem, and there was plenty of fun to be had – it was a great experience overall. Since we travelled in the month of December, we were able to sight plenty of animals in their natural habitat too.

We started our journey back to Jaipur in the evening and reached our homes by around 11 in the night..

How to reach Kumbhalgarh:

There are a number of cabs to Kumbhalgarh which anyone can book online. Savaari offers many positive features: one can choose cabs/taxis that range from 4-seaters to 6-7 seaters according to the group size. They follow a transparent billing system, with zero cancellation fees. Courteous chauffeurs, who are road trip experts along with a clean car are the added benefits.

Passengers can also enjoy timely pick-up and drop facility at their doorstep. The drivers provide all the timely information and ensure the passenger is comfortable throughout the journey and ensure they are safely back.

Distance and time taken:

If one plans to book a licensed and airconditioned taxi in Jaipur, look no further than Savaari. The drive can be quite long, and it can last 6 hours depending on the traffic and the speed you drive in.

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