Must Visit US Cities for Street Food Lovers

While getting gourmet meals and visiting hi-end restaurants has its own charm, nothing beats eating messy food on the street with sauce dripping down your hands. The stuffed, juicy burritos you can’t get enough of, the deep-fried goodness that is churros and the perfectly cooked falafel you can only get on the roadside are what dreams are made of. The warm hot dog from the pushcart down the road, with its ketchup and mustard combo, can make anyone’s day and if you’re one of those who appreciates what the streets have to offer here is a list of cities you must visit!

New York

New York is a bustling city with much to offer and its street food scene can make a foodie out of anyone. When one thinks of this megalopolis it’s the hot dog and pretzel carts that come to mind, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re lucky you might run into Domo Taco food truck. Its Mexican menu which includes the likes of teriyaki steak tacos and lemon grass chicken are a delight to eat. If you’re looking for Greek cuisine, Uncle Gussy’s is the place to be or just drop off in Astoria or Queens and take it from there. This melting pot of cultures offers foods from around the world. Just hop around neighborhoods, it’s a mini-world in itself. If you want to try Spanish dishes, take a ride to Harlem and for Asian cuisine, we’d suggest you go to Chinatown. 

Los Angeles

Selling food on the street may be illegal in this city, but nobody seems to care. On sidewalks around the metropolis you’ll find stalls and carts offering delectable food. Mainly though, what you’ll find are tons of food trucks since they are legal. The food that comes out of them is mouthwatering. 

For the best Korean fusion tacos, you must track Roy Choi’s Kogi Food Trucks. Their kimchi quesadillas and short rib tacos are quite popular. The seafood options are endless, and Mariscos Jalisco food truck serves signature tostada called Poseidon that you must try. Piled high with octopus, ceviche and shrimp, each bite is flavorful. If you’re looking for Mexican food, we’d recommend you try Ta Bom Truck’s empanadas. If you want to keep it simple, Pink’s hot dogs are the perfect place to go.


The sprawling cities that are New York and LA offer tough competition, but Portland can hold its own!

Known for crafty business and creativity, you’ll get artisanal chocolate, cheese and donuts. With more breweries, food trucks and wineries than most cities if not all, Portland has much to offer. Coffee takes new meaning there thanks to their insane coffee culture. If you’re looking for places to try, Blue Star Donuts is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while Stumptown Coffee Roasters will make you best cup of coffee. 

This is not all though. The variety is endless, with over 500 food carts you can get Indian, Korean, Thai, Czech and German food. You name it, and you’ll find it.

Washington DC

The capital of the country is not to be left behind when it comes to street food. 

Food carts and trucks can be found across the city offering hot dogs to Korean BBQ and Mexican cuisine. Peruvian Brothers offers authentic Peruvian food. You’re sure to find their menu which includes quinoa salad, empanadas and sandwiches refreshing. Reggae Vibes’ Caribbean Curry dishes and jerk platters and Pho Junkies’ Vietnamese Pho give an international feel to the city. 


It’s not just the beaches that will have you captivated, their street food will leave you craving for more. Since it is Miami, you can expect some top of the line island-inspired cuisine to whet your senses. 

After a long hard day by the sea, head to Downtown Miami, Little Havana or Little Haiti to experience the culinary offerings. If you love the tacos, Twice Butter food truck is the place for you. You should also try Caja Caliente and Bodega, their tacos are superb. El Rey de la Fritas is Miami’s original frita spot. You can get their food from their permanent stores as well as food trucks which serve the best handmade Cuban burgers.

San Francisco

The golden gate city has its own fleet of food trucks. Usually found in areas like the Soma Street Food Park, they serve the best Filipino sausage wrap, sushi burritos, Peruvian stir-fry, spicy veggie miso and curry ramen. They also boast the oldest Chinatown in US and you’re sure to find authentic egg tarts and dim sum. 

Austin Texas

Austin is a happening place and their annual SXSW Festival is worth attending. With tons of people coming in, it only makes sense that their street food scene would have grown. 

For the best experience, head to The Best Wurst. Established in 1993, they serve grilled bratwurst that is a treat for your senses. Their sausage sandwiches topped with homemade brown mustard and curry ketchup is festival in your mouth. For the best Philly cheese steaks, you should visit Way South Philly. 

The star of the region is Aaron Franklin who shot to stardom with appearances on cooking shows. He may have started from a humble food trailer, but has now found a concrete establishment where he treats his guests to great food.

Get your travel on

While one usually hears about experiences at upscale restaurants, it’s important to note that there’s an adventure to be had on the streets as well. The food you get just can’t be replicated, especially the fusion food. These food carts and trucks may seem like nothing, but they tell the story of the city and its culture in its own unique way. So, next time you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll know which food to try. Just make sure you have an internet connection on the go. Give spectrum cable dallas tx a ring and you’ll be set. After all, you must check for reviews for the best experience. 

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