Outdoor Heaven: Exploring the Unspoilt Scenery of Tenerife

With its yearlong mild climate, scores of beaches and inviting aquamarine waters, Tenerife has become a smash holiday hit with countless tourists looking to bask in the sun and lounge by the pool.
However, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands shouldn’t be considered your typical package deal destination. This particular port of call boasts several exhilarating activities and experiences. Thanks to Tenerife’s natural landscape and unspoilt scenery, it’s ideal for adventure-seeking travelers interested in more than just relaxing and unwinding.
You may well be participating in the following pursuits before you know it.

Hiking and walking


Mountains, terrain and even a volcano make Tenerife a paradise for anyone that loves a bit of walking or hiking. From casual strolls to intrepid treks, all ages and abilities are well catered for.

Teide National Park is one of Tenerife’s highlights, which features an abundance of walking trails. However, you can hike up to the peak of Mount Teide, which stands at an impressive 3,718 meters (12,198ft) high. Just try and make sure you get there for the outstanding sunrise. It’s experiences like this that make people want to catch a plane and take flights to Tenerife.

Elsewhere, you can head to the village of Masca and attempt the challenging trek down its ravine to the sea. From there, you can bask in your achievement with a boat trip back to Los Gigantes. Alternatively, the Anaga Mountains are yet another location to push yourself while being rewarded with lush forests and incredible viewpoints.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving
While there are several sensational delights overland, Tenerife also has a plethora of hidden gems too, found beneath the island’s surrounding waters. Marvelous coral, alluring marine life and remarkable shipwrecks can all be found.

While “The Rays” (Los Chuchos) dive spot is great for snapping some photos of species like silver jacks and North Atlantic snappers, you may get lucky by spotting the rare and elusive bull ray, which often eat out of divers’ hands.

But if you’d prefer to unearth some history, the Condesito shipwreck is perhaps the most fascinating site. Unfortunately, it has become unstable over time, but El Condesito can still be explored and enjoyed.

Mountain biking

Hiking or walking around Tenerife
Hiking or walking around Tenerife is all well and good, but mountain biking up, down and through its varied terrain is much more thrilling. Regardless of how capable or competent you are on two wheels, there will be a trail that suits you.
Some of Tenerife’s best routes can be found around Teide National Park such as the Corona Forestal. However, the locations of Garachico, Icod de los Vinos and El Sauzal found in the north of the island are well favored among many.
A lot of the time, you’ll need to catch a bus or hire a car to get to some destinations. However, there are tour companies who can provide everything you need, from transport to bike hire.
There’s no denying that Tenerife is a fantastic package deal destination for holidaymakers wanting a break from the norm, but opportunities to walk, hike, scuba dive and mountain bike make it perfect for adventure tourists as well.

Images by Mike and Annabel Beales, Alberto Rodríguez and Florian Plag used under creative commons license.

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