Planning Your Vacation Getaway: Your Quick Guide

Whether you’re the sort of traveler that likes to have a vacation booked months in advance, or you prefer to make a quick dash to the airport with only moments to spare before your flight, planning a vacation getaway is exciting, intrepid and adventurous. From the moment you load up flight listings, to the moment you step on the plane, you need to get everything right in order for your transition to a new country to go smoothly. In this quick guide, you’ll learn the essentials you need to cover when you’re planning your next vacation getaway.


Naturally, this is your first port of call. You need to look into the destinations you’re interested in, and head to some price comparison websites in order to find the best flight prices for you and your loved ones. You’ll often be able to search by location – so if your aim is to travel on the cheap, you can find out which destination is cheapest for the dates you may be free. During this period, you should also search for airport parking online, through providers like ParkON, so that your transition from home to the airport is swift and stress-free.


When you’re heading abroad, there are a few documents that it’s wise to carry with you. Of course, you’ll need your passport and another form of ID – but other than those essentials, it pays to have a print-out of your insurance package, and a few documents that’ll help you if you ever get stuck on your trip. A crib sheet of useful numbers – of hotels, tour operators, and taxi drivers – can really help you if you get into a stick in a foreign country. And if you’re adventuring on your travels, a personal health print-out – with your blood group and your health issues – can be helpful.


Some individuals feel comfortable arriving in a new city without a booking for their first night, let alone their whole stay. They want to experience a country on the fly, by following the course that they feel is laid out for them. Others are more concerned about sleepless nights, and long journeys without the promise of a bed on the other side. In either case, having at least an idea of where the hotels and hostels are in a new place is vital if you’re to save time that you would otherwise spend hunting for the best beds in town.

Travel Research

Finally, your trip wouldn’t be the same if you turned up without an appreciation of the place you’re visiting, the language the locals speak, the customs they adhere to, and the cultural artefacts that make the nation you’re visiting famous. Your trip will be greatly enriched through an understanding of these unique elements – either contained within a guide book or a history book, or written down in a journal that you take on your travels. Your research will breathe life into all you see, enabling you to enjoy your destination country that little bit more. 

There you have it: the key tips you need in order to plan your next vacation getaway, whether alone or with loved ones. 

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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