From Rome to Istanbul: A Guide to Mediterranean Cruises

Guide to Mediterranean Cruises

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The Mediterranean is a very popular cruise destination for British holidaymakers. According to The
Guardian, it is the second most popular cruise region in the world after the Caribbean, and is it
any wonder why? Venice is one of the wealthiest regions in Europe and there are over 1,400 Greek
Islands to visit.

It is one of the most culturally rich and exotic destinations in the world so whether you’re seeking
picturesque landscapes, warm weather, delicious cuisine, or just a new cultural experience, there is
bound to be something for you.

From Rome to Istanbul, there is everything from ancient cities and tiny harbours. Here is an expert
guide to help you have a fantastic cruise.

Where to go?

Mediterranean cruises tend to be split into either Western or Eastern itineraries. So which do you
pick? Here we will explain the top destinations visited in each route so you can decide which location
is right for you. Do you seek old-charm and sophistication or glamour? Depending on your individual
needs, you can then make an informed choice.

Western Mediterranean

Cruises visiting the western shores visit the likes of the French and Italian Rivieras, Florence and
Rome, Pompeii and the Spanish ports of Barcelona and Valencia.

You may also stop off on the islands of Ibiza, Majorca, Corsica, Menorca and Sardinia or sample
Arabian culture in Tunis in Tunisia or Tangier in Morocco. The top Italian cities include Genoa,
Naples and Venice and must-see French stops consist of Marseille, St. Tropez, and Nice.

Many western cruises also visit Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Portugal.

Eastern Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean cruises explore the wonders of Athens and the Greek isles as well as Istanbul
and the ancient ruins of Ephesus.

Further port stops on the itinerary may consist of Croatia, the ancient ports of the Black Sea, Bulgaria,
Turkey and Limassol.

When to go?

There is no standard season for Mediterranean cruises but the common months are from May to
October. However, they can start from March and finish as late as November.

Some cruise ships operate all year-round but if you want to experience great weather, you may want
to avoid the early/late part of the year.


Whichever Mediterranean cruise you decide to book, you will have a fantastic break with your family
and friends. You can capture architecture, culture, education, history and visual magnificence.

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