Secrets to Find a Cheap Flight Ticket

Airfare represents a major aspect of a person’s trip cost. If you can’t find a cheap flight to your destination, you’ll end up putting a major dent in your wallet. You’ll spend most of your money on the airfare and won’t have much left to enjoy your vacation. Therefore, it is critical for you to find a cheap ticket.

Airlines offer hundreds of killer flight deals every day. Sometimes they mistakenly publish low fares, while at other times they make special offers to get more sales. Cheap fares exist and if you know how they can be found, you’ll be able to enjoy cheap flights every time.

So, in this post, we’re going to show you how you can find a cheap flight ticket for both domestic and international flights.

Plan Ahead

Research has found that 21 to 105 days before you have to leave is the prime booking window where you’ll find the best fares for a flight. There is no such thing as a last minute day of deals, so make sure to plan your flight early.  Booking your flight at the last moment isn’t a good idea.

Flexible Travel Dates

Prices of airline tickets vary greatly. Mid-week i.e. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday generally have lower fares than a Friday, Saturday or Sunday departure when you’ll find more vacation or business travelers. You might also want to research when the low traffic season is. If there is an upcoming holiday like Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve or Christmas, you’ll find it extremely difficult to find a cheap flight. Therefore, if possible, travel to your destination a month or two before an upcoming holiday.

Flexile Travel Destinations

If you are planning a vacation, you can be flexible with your destination. For example, you may not have any specific place in mind and you may decide where you wish to go after checking the airfare of different destination. Being flexible with your travel destination will help you find a cheap flight ticket.

To research flights and find the cheapest flight ticket, you can use third party websites or use Google Flight. Google Flight is the perfect tool for research and discovery. Just put the dates in and Google Flight will suggest you destination. You can even filter your results based on the type of travel you want to do, your price range, the airline you wish to fly with, etc.

Fly Indirectly

Another great way to find a cheap flight ticket is to fly indirectly. You’ll lose some time if you don’t travel direct, but you’ll certainly be able to save your money. You can use third party websites to see stopovers at different destinations and compare the prices.

Use a Travel Agent

Travels agents aren’t always hungry for money and they can get you a cheap flight. In fact, some travel agencies offer tickets at lower prices because they have deals with different airlines. Therefore, after you have researched flight tickets yourself; you should consider checking the airfares offered by a travel agent.

It is no secret that air travel is expensive. However, by following the secrets highlighted above, you can find a cheap flight ticket to reduce the expenses incurred in a flight.


Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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