Sicily and the Charm of its Cities

A week in Sicily may seem a long period at first glance, but after you realize all the attractions and beautiful places that it has to offer, you will be likely to extend your stay for a month!  Today we are telling you what to see and where to go in Sicily, and where you can look up amazing Sicily Villas rentals

The largest island in the Mediterranean is full of extraordinary attractions. It is worth visiting not only the cities but also climbing the Etna volcano, sailing, or seeing the ancient ruins. Sicily is an exciting mix of beautiful views, history, warm climate, good food, and even better wine. 

Here are some of the greatest attractions, enjoy!


Palermo is a city with an incredibly rich history, as you can see from walking through its streets. It was a Phoenician colony in ancient times. To this day, you can still see their architectural gems from different eras. Be sure to take a look at Piazza Bellini, where you will find three extraordinary churches (one from the 12th century!). Don’t miss the botanical garden, where exotic plants from all over the world grow and the vast cathedral at Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The Capuchin catacombs are also worth your time.


Syracuse is in eastern Sicily. Like Palermo, it dates back from ancient times. In its bloom, it was the most significant and most prosperous city in Sicily. When you are there, you must see the island of Ortygia, where the oldest part of the town is. Ortygia is where the settlement in this area began. Syracuse is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List for all the many centuries-old monuments there. You should also take a look at the Ear of Dionysius, the former quarries, famous for their excellent acoustics. 


It’s not a big city, but it is famous for its Temple Valley. In a relatively small area, there are many ancient temples, including those dedicated to Zeus, Hera and Hercules. The whole area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is also very picturesquely located, so not only history and art lovers but also those who appreciate the beauty of the landscape should be delighted. Near Agrigento, there is the famous Turks’ Staircase, white limestone cliffs that, with the brightness of the sun, will leave you astonished. 


This colony, founded by the Greeks, is located in a picturesque valley between two rivers. In addition to the real charm of the small town, it has five remarkable temples, only one of which is not in complete ruin. Once you’ve had enough of history, take a look at the beach and relax by the sea. Let yourself be charmed by Selinunte! 


This charming city enjoys well-deserved fame. Narrow streets lead into atmospheric alleys with many pubs, cafés, and restaurants. You can easily taste delicious food and quench your thirst. By choosing the right place, you may even be able to eat with a view of Ethna. Taormina is beautiful like a postcard, which attracts a lot of tourists, which in turn actively inflates prices. If you are planning to stay in this city, it is better to stay somewhere nearby.


Etna is still an active volcano with the highest volcanic cone in Europe. Its height is always changing due to its activity. In 2013 the volcano was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can climb Etna, but it is better to hire a guide (or be careful when climbing). A unique cable car is also available near the summit.

Piazza Armerina

This small town is far from all the tourist attractions, but it is worth a visit. First of all, because this is where Villa Romana del Casale with perfectly preserved Romanesque mosaics is. It is the only place in the world!


Cefalu is a charming fishing town founded right on the seashore. It has a beautiful beach and narrow and picturesque stone streets. All around the city, there are rocks, which are something like defensive walls. Be sure to see the local cathedral, which combines different architectural styles. Cefalu is also an excellent place to spend an evening – a walk through the nicely lit streets has undeniable charm. 


The medieval old town of Trapani attracts many tourists every year. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, and there are many centuries-old churches, buildings, and towers. From the seaside, the Trapani also looks excellent. 

The Zingaro Reserve

The Zingaro (Gypsy) Reserve in Sicily is an ideal place for contact with nature. Not many tourists come here so that you can count on the quiet. It is much easier to imagine what Sicily looked like centuries ago. The trails in reserve are very well marked, so the chance of getting lost is relatively small. Take your bathing suit with you, as the Zingaro Reserve has some of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Sicily.

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