From South America to South East Asia – Nearly 200 years of P & O cruises

The possibilities are astoundingly broad when it comes to exploring the world on cruise holidays; from tropical islands to snowy wilderness, operators such as P&O are offering more diverse itineraries than ever before. As the oldest cruise line in the world, P & O have certainly been at this game longer than most, and have built up a diverse and wide-ranging itinerary over almost two centuries of passenger service. If you’re wondering what kind of unique adventures you can have on a cruise then take a look at these five destinations from the quintessentially British cruise giant…

Rio de Janeiro

South America

If you’ve always wanted to explore some of the highlights of South America then cruising is a great way to do so in comfort and style. P & O offer which present the opportunity for a journey of a lifetime as you set sail across the Atlantic to experience the passion and flavours of Brazil and the majesty of the Chilean fjords. Arriving at Rio, the Christ the Redeemer statue towers above one of the world’ grandest natural harbours with mountains and beaches surrounding the endlessly enchanting city.


The Baltic

If you want to broaden your horizons when it comes to European travel then a cruise of the Baltic can be an excellent way to do it. Visit some of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia’s most beautiful cities including Copenhagen, Stockholm and the medieval Estonian capital, Tallinn. One of the highlights of a Baltic cruise is coming ashore at the Russian city of St Petersburg. Opulent onion domed cathedrals, palaces and mansions decorate this picturesque city that is historically described as Russia’s ‘window on the west’.

Norway Landscape


Myth, legend and cinematic scenery await on a cruise around the fjords of Norway. Pristine wilderness blankets the land around mirror-like lakes with glaciers and snow capped peaks creating a striking contrast with the lush greens of ancient forests. Plenty of cruise lines offer Baltic and Scandinavian tours today, with P & O’s Arctic Circle and Russian voyages some of the most popular.

Alaska landscape


For wildlife and wilderness lovers, a cruise of Alaska is the opportunity to explore what is often regarded asthe world’s last great frontier. A dazzling landscape of icy wilderness awaits where bears, moose, caribou and wolves roam. The ocean around Alaska is home to several species of whale and watching them in their ocean home is one of the highlights of an Alaska cruise.

Great wall of China

The East

For those with an adventurous spirit and desire to explore different cultures, P & O have started offering Eastern cruises to destinations including Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Explore several of the great wonders of the world including the ancient Cambodian city of Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China, and discover the underground tunnels of Cu Chi, once home of a legendary band of Vietnamese warriors.

Of course, there are numerous cruise companies boasting bigger and better ships every year, with built-in features from Wifi to on-board surfing. With P & O planning the launch of their biggest ever dedicated ship, the Brittania, in 2015, it seems this upmarket trend will only continue and will no doubt lead to new cruise routes opening up in the furthest reaches of the world. Who knows where cruise advancements will take us in the next 200 years?!

Images by Kirilos, Joe deSousa, Víctor Vélez, Rennett Stowe and Bernard Goldbach used under creative commons license.

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