Three of the Most Popular Cities in Turkey

Turkey tempts travellers with exquisite dining and shopping throughout its three most popular cities, Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman. These cities each offer the best of five-star establishments, casual dining, and shopping, with gorgeous historical sites and natural scenery.


Antalya lays on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, and in 2011 displaced New York City as the world’s third most popular destination. It is also Turkey’s largest seaport. The city won the Golden Apple Tourism Prize for the restoration of its historical architecture.

There are many places to dine. For an elegant evening at a legendary restaurant, try 7 Mehmet. The restaurant wins rave reviews from locals as well as tourists, and enjoys worldwide fame. Whether sitting on the beautiful large patio or under the spacious roof surrounded by the melding of wood, metal, and glass, the décor delights. The tremendous design plus the delicious food makes 7 Mehmet comparable to dining in a five-star New York City restaurant. For something casual that the locals love, try Dost Kofte. It serves traditional cuisine such as the doner kebab. All the tasty servings are so big, you can easily split them.


For shopping, check out Shemall Shopping Centre, where fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, and Lacoste abound. Kids can get wild at the Joker Land Fun Centre while adults relax at Gloria Jeans or Star Bucks. There are also many small kiosks throughout Antalya, selling handmade rugs, jewellery, and fine silks.


Bodrum is one of the more seasonal Turkey ports, and offers an array of good times and shopping. Located in South western Turkey, it used to be home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Masuoleum of Mausolus Halicarnassus.

Bodrum Castle

The Marina Yacht Club is the place to be in Bodrum. It offers a view of the Bodrum Castle, which is home to the Museum of Underwater Archeology. MYC consists of four unique bars and three restaurants that each offers a distinctive cuisine. MYC also features live jazz, pop, and soul music. Marina Yacht Club is open all year. For a more laid back atmosphere, try Sünger Pizza across from the marina. The locals love it. They just underwent a complete kitchen renovation, too.

Bodrum shopping offers something for everyone. First, be sure to take in the open markets. There is a different one for every day of the week, featuring rugs, jewels, and clothes. Also, the Marina Shopping Centre offers many high-end brands, but also caters to those looking for deals. You will be able to browse for goods while enjoying the view.


Top Turkey Cities

Dalaman is a district as well as the main town in the district, located on the south western coast of Turkey. It has an international airport which serves as the gateway to Turkey for many travellers.

The Akkaya Garden Restaurant makes Turkish fare and also houses a bar that is quite popular. But the truly unique thing about Akkaya is all you can do besides eat and drink. People also go to trek through the gardens, swim in the pool, or jump in the lake, literally. You must arrange for transportation, or rent a car for the drive. Another hot restaurant is Palmiye Restaurant. The white linen clothes display beautiful Turkish flower arrangements, set off by soft lighting.

In Dalaman, Sarigerme is home to a market for tourists. Other markets occur on different days. Dalaman is also known for a wide range of furniture shops that have great selections for lower prices than other areas of Turkey.

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