Tips For Visiting Theme Parks In Orlando, Florida


In travelling through the United States, one of the most amazing destinations to visit remains Orlando, Florida. The home of Disney World and Universal Studios, the city has a certain reputation among some travellers as a gaudy tourist attraction. Really, it’s impossible to call that distinction inaccurate. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the theme parks located in Orlando offer truly magical attractions that any visitor can enjoy. The trick is in finding ways to get around the “touristy” nature of the city.

To a certain extent, it is what it is. You’ll have to manage your way through thick crowds of people and occasionally wait in a long line. But fortunately, there are shortcuts to handling the Disney and Universal theme parks, and travel resource site Dial a Flight has listed 26 tips in a “Theme Park Survival Guide” that can be very useful. If a trip to Orlando is on the horizon for you, here are some of the highlights of this tip list:

    • Visit During The Week – This is a pretty common sense tip, but it’s useful for international travellers in comparison. The American crowds thicken during the weekends, so weekdays are ideal for avoiding that. The parks also have lighter crowds in the first few months of a new year, as the Orlando area is a bit colder (but still reasonable).
    • Pay Attention To Hotel Perks – Basically, the resort or hotel you stay at can offer you bonuses for beating crowds. At Disney resorts, you gain access to “Extra Magic Hours,” which means you get into the park early before the main crowds. At Universal resorts, your room key can get you to the front of the lines at most Universal Studios attractions.

    • Buy Tickets Before August – Disney parks raise their prices after the summer, so try to book a trip before August, even if you’re going later in the year.
    • If you visit the wildly popular new(ish) “Wizarding World Of Harry Potter” at the Islands Of Adventure theme park attached to Universal, bear left as you walk into the park. This helps you to avoid long lines for people who require locker storage for items. Additionally, if this park is on your list, you may want to take a look through Hypable‘s tips on visiting this location. They include where to go, when to get there, and what to buy.
    • Plan Meal Times – At the main parks, the time period between 11 a.m.-2 p.m. is noted as particularly busy for sitting down to eat. If possible, try to sit down for a nice lunch break a little bit after this general time period.
    • Always Have A Meeting Spot – This is a good tip when visiting any crowded location. Even in the age of constant mobile phone contact, it’s easy to get separated and lost in these enormous theme parks, so designate a prominent, easy to get to location for a meeting spot!

If you adhere to these tips and plan your visit carefully, Orlando can offer an absolutely spectacular trip. The parks are beautiful and well organised. For fans of any prominent themes—Disney characters, Marvel superheroes, Harry Potter, etc.—or even those who simply like unique rides and thrills, the Orlando theme parks are uniquely spectacular.

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