Tips To Make The Most Of Your Vegas Vacation


Just thinking about a trip to Las Vegas can feel like a cliché. “Oh, let me go to the place where no one’s supposed to talk about what happened there and go absolutely crazy,” you think while laughing to yourself at the absurdity. But really, isn’t that the point of Sin City? To just let go and enjoy everything you possibly can? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. And if you’re one of the many people who feels that Vegas needs to be embraced in this way at least once in a lifetime—if not more!—than this is the list for you. These travel tips will make sure that you get the most out of your Vegas vacation, especially if you decide to go alone or with your partner.

Embrace Your Wild Side

As mentioned, this is Vegas we’re talking about, so going bonkers is 100 percent expected of you. That being said, this is not a reference to guzzling every drink within arm’s reach—though that’s perfectly fine to do if you so choose. Embracing your wild side means taking advantage of all the amazing thrill-seeking opportunities available in the city. We previously touched upon two rides that you definitely need to take if you crave adrenaline rushes. Basically, you’ll need to take on any one of the four thrill rides located at the Stratosphere Tower, with the SkyJump being at the top of the list if you’re having trouble deciding.

Take On The Games

Considering you’re surrounding by a plethora of gaming options, you’d be foolhardy to not try at least a few of them, right? Just make sure to put some extra cash in your travel budget and you’ll be set to enjoy what made the town what it is today. The following are a few handy gaming-related suggestions from a writer at Betfair, a platform known primarily for its gaming options but it home to some helpful articles, too. Amid them is this one that’s specifically about travel tips for poker players. Here are two that are particularly helpful:

    • Do Your Research At Home: This is an easy one that needs to be repeated. Plan ahead, especially in learning the rules of particular table games like poker or roulette. That way you can just enjoy them when you get to Vegas instead of studying in your room.


    • Eat Food That You Know Agrees With You: The writer used this tip to convey not having to use airplane toilets, and it’s a good point. However, it’s wise to remember this for anyone looking to play poker or blackjack. Why? Because you’ll be at the table for a while if you know what’s good for you (and your bets), and you don’t want to have to leave halfway through a good hand!


Dress For Comfort

This tip, and the one after it for that matter, stems from and may seem like a bit of an obvious one. However, it’s a recommendation that comes straight from the locals, who know the lay of the land better than even the most frequent Sin City-goer. They suggest always bringing a light sweater or jacket with you on your travels throughout the urban landscape—it may be a desert outside, but inside? It can be freezing. You don’t want to be that person shivering at the poker table while everyone else is laid-back and enjoying themselves, right? Of course not, so don’t forget that sweater!

Wait Until Later to Drink

Here’s a tip that basically goes for any trip you take to any destination across the globe. Unless you plan on having a day that’s cut tragically short by the waves of sleepiness that come with day drinking, save it for later. You want to get the most of that trip you paid so much for, right? Of course you do, so don’t engage in things like this that will make it feel much shorter, and perhaps even more painful, than you wanted. Having a drink or two at the casino during the day is fine, but don’t go all out until the evening hours start creeping in. Oh and by the way: stay hydrated, especially in the desert climate of Vegas. You’re going to lose more water than you think in the intense heat, so keep a water bottle (or two) in tow.

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