No-nonsense Tips for Planning a Campervan Expedition to Australia

Touring Australia through a campervan makes for a classic and unforgettable road trip.

Many locations in this vast country are remote enough that in order to fully experience the quiet splendor of the Australian landscape you need to seek reliable rental service from companies like DriveNow Campervan. Australian campervan holidays are very popular for those visiting from overseas as well as native Australians, who are also renowned for loving the campervan and caravan circuit.

What to expect

Unlike other countries, where you can drive for a few hours and end up in a different city – in Australia, you can drive for days between towns. And that’s half of the experience – being on the road and being one with nature.

If you’ve never traveled extensively (or even once) in a campervan before, understand that it won’t always be a fabulous nor an inexpensive adventure – it could be the costliest travel you’ve ever had – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’re some no-nonsense tips for planning your campervan expedition to Australia.

Planning your destination and itinerary. Before choosing your wheels, it’s vital to plan what you want to see or experience in Australia. Why? It’s a HUGE country with so many things to do, varying climate and road conditions. Many stretches of road involve vast expanses where there is absolutely nothing! No stations, no food, no power, no services, no mobile reception, and no water. A few campervan rental companies won’t allow you to travel on these roads, and if you’re allowed, you must be well prepared.

The chilling heat: climate in Australia. An important part of choosing your destination is to understand Australia’s climate. It’s usually (very) hot since it’s in the southern hemisphere. Summer is from December to February while winter lasts from June to August. Yes, some states may have snow in winter months, but winter doesn’t mean its cold everywhere.

The ideal time to visit and travel in Australia is during the spring and autumn seasons for the all-around pleasant weather conditions. This will help you avoid climactic extremes. Summer can cause impassable flooded roads and fierce storms, while the winter can be cold and cruel, causing snow and even blizzards.


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Campervan renting tips:

* All campervan and car rental companies will offer promos among other benefits, so you should look out for that.

* Prepare yourself to drive standard since most campervans still use manual transition.

* Weekends are slow in Australia, so don’t expect the rental company for pick-ups or drop-offs. Just call in advance to check.

* There are stretches of road in Australia so isolated that rusted out broken-down cars are basically abandoned at the side of the road, creepily making you wonder what happened to it and the driver. Ensure that your vehicle is solid, so yours doesn’t become another creepy statistic.

Final Note – Choosing your wheels

Campervans are generally utility-sized vans that are customized with the basic essentials for road-trippers to be self-sufficient: beds, sinks, cooking facilities, crockery, fridge, etc. It’s important to seek reliable rental service from companies like DriveNow Campervan because a few other rental providers have reports of bedbugs among other issues. You should also book in advance to reserve yours. Enjoy your great Australian expedition!

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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