TOP 5 Attractions in Oklahoma

Welcome to Oklahoma! If you’re visiting the state for the first time, it will be interesting for you to know that Oklahoma has been home to many native American tribes before it was occupied by the Spanish in the 16th century. In fact, Oklahoma is translated as “red people” from the language of Choctaw. It is a beautiful state with prairies and mountain ranges, with its two main cities – Oklahoma-city and Tulsa – being the economic and cultural centers

Here are the most important places that played a significant role in Oklahoma’s past and present.

5 Most Attractive Tourist Spots in Oklahoma

State Capitol. Oklahoma-city is the first destination of every tourist in this state. At its heart, you will find the Capitol, where the state government of Oklahoma resides. It is an impressive limestone building built in 1890, which is now open for visitors to admire its interior with artwork just like spinstars casino built to entertain its visitors, marble halls and libraries. It was built on the Oklahoma-city oil field, which is symbolic of the field’s significance: oil trade is the primary pillar of Oklahoma’s economy. From here, you can admire the downtown with its shops, other government buildings, art museums and libraries.

Oklahoma-city National Memorial: This memorial commemorates one of the darkest pages in the city’s history: a terrorist attack that took away 168 lives. In April 1995, a truck full of explosives destroyed the façade of a federal building, killing a lot of people. The memorial was dedicated by Bill Clinton 5 years later, in 2000, and is an impressive place to visit. It has the famous Field of Empty Chairs, the Survivor Tree and the walls that remained of the destroyed building.

Myriad Botanical Gardens: Myriad Botanical Gardens are the largest urban park in Oklahoma, located in the very center of Oklahoma-city. They are this city’s biggest attraction. The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is a huge pavilion with abundant plant life on display and beautiful light framing at night. You may admire some wild animals in the garden as well. The gardens feature various modern-art sculptures which local citizens love, and host annual entertainment events to visit with your whole family.

Turner waterfalls: The state’s tallest waterfall, and an amazing entertainment park with man-made slides, nature trails and an amazing castle to visit with your kids. This is one of the most prominent examples of Oklahoma state’s natural beauty.

Philbrook Museum of Art: The main attraction of Tulsa, the museum showcases the best pieces of local art and sculpture.

Menagerie Petting Zoo: This petting zoo was once just a farm, but the Brandt family made it into the largest petting zoo in the state of Oklahoma. Now, the Menagerie has goats, piglets, chickens, ducks and even bulls on display. Miniature donkeys and a fully-grown turtle are the most popular animals among the children.

Oklahoma state is a popular tourist destination loved by children and adults alike. Its abundant nature and vibrant atmosphere promise great holiday opportunities.

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