Top 5 new Polish attractions that you may not have heard of

Tourists and other visitors that had a chance to be in Poland previously and are coming back after a few years, usually are shocked by the speed of changes.

The fact is that Poland is rapidly growing and as it is managed more and more efficiently locally and there is huge usage of European Development Founds, tourists and citizens are happy to see growth on a huge scale. The same applies to all aspects of tourism, brand newhotels are being created, the number of hotels in all tourist spots is growing and the base is really modern.

Towns and cities invest astronomical amounts of money to create modern and tourist friendly attractions. In this article we want to show you a few superb interesting new attractions in Poland prepared for us by ITS-Poland company, one of leading DMCs in Poland.

 Top 5 new Polish attractions

  1. WWII Museum in Gdansk
  2. EC1 Culture and Science Centre in Lodz
  3. Africarium in Wroclaw Zoo
  4. Warsaw Rising Museum in Warsaw
  5. Energylandia in Zator

WWII Museum in Gdansk 

This newest museum in Gdansk was opened in 2017. The idea of creating such huge war museum in Gdansk was connected to the fact that WWII started here with the attack of Nazi German soldiers on Westerplatte Peninsula Military base in Gdansk.

The museum grounds cover almost 2.5 acres, while the building covers 26,000 square metres. In total, there are over 2,000 exhibits on display. The exhibition is divided into 18 thematic blocks and is designed rather for individual sightseeing. ITS DMC Poland states that you need at least 3 h to see the museum but all people interested in history should reserve a whole day time for in-depth sightseeing and analysis of the place.

EC1 Culture and Science Centre in Lodz

EC1 buildings have been one of the most magnificent and ambitious renovation and rebuilding programmes in Poland in the recent years. The plan was to use an old power plants to create the new, interesting space in Lodz centre. With its modern look it is definitely a new focal point in the heart of agglomeration.

The building offers, among other attractions, the huge science centre, the most modern planetarium in the country and the culture centre with art exhibitions. It is a definite a must see point for all tourists. ITS Poland DMC says that Lodz is the location of the biggest changes and new tourist investments in the country.

This year a new Asiarium in Lodz zoo will be opened, moreover there are impressive investments in Lodz Museums such as Poznanski Palace and White Factory. Furthermore, new tourist friendly spaces are constantly being developed such as Ksiezy Mlyn and Manufactura Centre which are just two best well known examples.   


Wrocław Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Europe, in terms of various species held there. The visit has always been a huge attraction. The grounds are so vast that tourists can easily spent here a whole day and still not see everything.

Still, in recent years it invested in entirely new attraction that is a magnet for tourists even separately from the rest of the zoo. It is the first oceanarium in Poland entirely devoted to African animals. This investment was carried out on a grand scale and now it attracts huge numbers of tourists.

ITS DMC Poland advises to book your tickets much in advance to bypass standing in long queues for the entrance. Still, we guarantee that Africarium, the same as Wroclaw zoo, are well worth the effort.

Warsaw Rising Museum

It is one of the youngest museum in Poland but has already become the icon of modernity and an example of how an interesting, new, multimedia museum should look like. Exhibition solutions used here, have been numerously copied in other museums not only in Poland but also abroad.

The exhibition shows everyday life and fights during Nazi occupation and the fate of the insurgents during communist regime in People’s Republic of Poland (PRL). The museum has gathered 30 000 exhibits and is located at 3 stories building and it has more than 3000 m2.

It was opened in 2004 but is still a beacon for a super modern and popular museum in the Polish capital. ITS Poland recommends sightseeing this place with a guide or audio guides and booking entrance much in advance. 

Energylandia in Zator

Energylandia is the biggest amusement park in Poland and is located only 1 h drive from Cracow the most popular tourist destination in Poland. All the attractions are located on an area of 35 hectares. The complex is suitable for all age groups and tourists can easily spend there a whole day. ITS Poland DMC advises that it is most interesting to arrive there in summer months when you will be able to enjoy all water attractions.

Summing up, tourists visiting Poland are usually really surprised how modern this country is. It is worth to come back here even in the following years, as the number of interesting and modern attractions is fast growing and exciting sights are located in all parts of the country.

If you are interested in visiting Poland we recommend contacting ITS DMC Poland. Professional group coordinators there will be happy to help you to prepare an interesting sightseeing programme and take care of all the organisational details for you. Don’t wait any longer, start your Polish adventure still today!

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