Top 5 palaces in Poland

Poland with its turbulent history is a destination with multitude of interesting castles and palaces. No matter which region of Poland you plan to visit, you may be 100% sure there is some interesting palace or castle worth your attention in the vicinity.

Take this virtual tour with ITS DMC Poland to discover the beauty of magnate and tycoons abodes in Poland and find out the must see ones.

Top 5 palaces in Poland:

  1. Royal Baths in Warsaw
  2. Wilanów Palace in Warsaw
  3. Łancut Palace
  4. Pszczyna Palace
  5. Nieborów Palace

Royal Baths in Warsaw

It is not just a palace, it is so much more. Royal Baths is traditionally called “the palace on water” due to its location in the middle of huge Royal Baths Park between two ponds.

Tourists can find here not only a few charming historic buildings, they can also enjoy thematic gardens and one of the largest Warsaw’s parks where they feed squirrels and peacocks. Also here tourists can find the most well-known Frederic Chopin Monuments and listen to live Chopin piano concerts during summer months.

ITS Poland DMC advices to join Royal Baths sightseeing with Wilanów Palace sightseeing on the same day. Example trip proposal can be found here. Royal baths is a must see point for all capital visitors. 

Royal Baths in Warsaw


Wilanów Palace in Warsaw

Compering to Royal Baths the palace in Wilanów seems more cosy. The place though, has its own true fairy-tale history as it tells the story of one of the most romantic lovers in Polish history – the king John III Sobieski and his wife Marysienka. Tourists here can learn a lot about their love and famous love letters that are in Polish literary canon.

The palace with its interior design and works of art gather here are an interesting point during Warsaw’s sightseeing. ITS DMC Poland also suggest to reserve equal amount of time for interior and palace’s exterior sightseeing. Wilanów Palace has beautiful Baroque gardens and park worth discovering. 

Nieborów Palace

Polish Nieborów Palace is an excellent destination combined with Arkadia Park for one day trip from the Polish capital. Arkadia Park is also recognized as one of the most romantic destinations in Poland in general.

The palace now houses a museum of the interiors of the palace residence from the 17th-19th centuries, based on the surviving furnishings of the palace and its collections (sculpture, paintings, graphics, furniture, bronzes, porcelain and glass, silver, clocks, fabrics, library collections), supplemented with arts and crafts exhibits from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

The palace and regular (French) garden in Nieborów and the English (sentimental and romantic) garden in Arkadia, after renovation have been made available to visitors as a stylish palace and garden residential complex. ITS Poland DMC suggest combining a visit in Żelazowa Wola the birth place of Frederik Chopin.

Łancut Palace

Polish Łańcut Palace is one of the topmost popular museums in Poland. The main reason for that is that in contrast to the majority of Polish palaces and castles it hasn’t been utterly plundered by various armies crossing Polish lands and it has an outstanding collection of artefacts and original elements of the interior design.

Furthermore, the palace is huge and has magnificent English type of park. The palace also has an outstanding collection of horse drawn carriages, Greek church art and orchid greenhouse. Łancut is probably the best well known palace in the country. ITS DMC Poland advises to combine sightseeing Łancut with a visit in Zamość UNESCO enlisted town.


Łancut Palace

Pszczyna Palace

The palace in Pszczyna was really fortunate enough to keep its original interior design throughout WWII. Nowadays, it is one of the prettiest medium size palaces in Poland, surrounded by the huge park, accompanied by the charming small town’s centre and European Bison Sanctuary. ITS DMC Poland also advises to combine sightseeing this Hochberg Family estate with other elements of their heritage – Tyskie Brewery that offers very interesting museum and brewery tours with beer tasting and workshops.

The above mentioned palaces are just a few examples of incredibly rich set of Polish castles and palaces regularly erected in all regions of the country. They show very rich heritage of Polish noblemen and tycoons and are definitely worth to be discovered by wider masses of tourists. Do not wait any longer and start your Polish adventure still today! Contact one of ITS DMC Poland professional group coordinators to discuss your next trip!  

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