Top Five Reasons to Visit China

 5. To visit the beautiful city of Shanghai

 Shanghai is the largest city of China. It is the economic and the culinary capital of China. The food that you can get in Shanghai will surely make your taste buds happy. Apart from the food, visitors also love Shanghai for its fascinating history and the innovative architecture of the city. It is located on the Yangtze River delta and the city looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Apart from these 5 top reasons, there are countless other reasons to visit China. The culture of China is totally different from the culture of your country and this is what makes a trip to China so exceptionally adventurous. You would have a great time walking though places that sheltered ancient emperors in the Forbidden City of Beijing. You would also have a great adventure putting up a tent on the Great Wall of China and standing with the Terracotta Warriors in the city of Xian. Another good thing about travelling in China is that the public transportation is quite cheap. However you may face some problems with the language as the local people rarely speak in English. But if you take the challenge on a good spirit, you would surely be enthralled by the magnificent places and landscapes of China.

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