Top Edinburgh Hop on Hop off Bus & Sightseeing Tours

Traveling into Scottish capitals and into the Edinburgh is really wonderful experience and magnificent. So as that to getting start the journey at the bus stops located on Waverley bridge and to get prepare yourself for the sake of adventurous journey all around the beautiful Edinburgh. In reality we should not forget and also do not need to pick only one with the multi tour tickets can enjoy unlimited travel on different tours like making the best and most of the time in Edinburgh traveling and for wonderful experience of hop on hop off bus Edinburgh.

Now giving to you better opportunities and facilities for your trip making memorable lifetime as always.

1.Edinburgh ticket with hop on hop off tours

City Sampler Ticket Price (no online discount):

Adult – £25.00 Child – £12.50

Family – £62.50 Concession – £22.50 24 Hour

Ticket Price: Adult – £32.00 (£29 online)

Child – £15.00 (£13.50 online) Family – £79.00 (£71.50 online)

Concession – £29.00 (£27.00 online) 48 Hour Ticket Price:

Adult – £42.00 (£38.00 online) Child – £20.00 (£18.00 online)

Family – £104.00 (£94.00 online) Concession – £38.00 (£36.00 online)

Routes and directions for better traveling and enjoyable :

Yellow Route (2 hrs 15 min) –National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Ritz Hotel, Bank of England, Tower of London, Leicester Square, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower of London, Oxford Street, etc. Blue Route (2 hrs 15 min) – Museum Tour – Kensington Palace, Harrods, Royal Academy of Arts, British Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Science Museum, etc, Orange Route (2 hrs 15 min) –British Museum, Shaftesbury Avenue, etc.

2.Royal Edinburgh ticket with hop on hop off tours Edinburgh castle

Now exploring Edinburgh with hop on hop off bus tour ticket and then to see city’s sights and attractions. It is best place to move and to get amusing sites and traveling. It is best to go out there with the family and friends and in just $72.61 as like easy and convenient way to experience tour out there.

3.City Sightseeing Edinburgh Hop on op off tour

Along with the good views from the open views along open top double Decker busses strategically placed tours stops and then interesting the best sound and audio commentary. It will be wonderful thing to hear commentary and city sightseeing tour is fibulas for us. It is just available for the benefits of people who have not enough budgets as available in $20.

4.Edinburgh 48 hour passes 3 bus tours and boat trip

Now the Edinburgh for a people is wondering to travel with the family or with the kids. It is wonderful bus tour in Edinburgh and affordable as available for 48 hours and we can enjoy in just $42 which is affordable absolutely. Any one who is fond of traveling and tours will prefer this better sightseeing and traveling at priority.

5.Amazing hop on hop off boat trip Edinburgh 48 hours

Complete circuit of the Edinburgh hop on hop off boat tour takes on a trip. Edinburgh and boat trips might just see puffins and take hop on hop off buses round the old town and new town so much more and to exactly make the most of time Edinburgh. We can try and have to visit if you are on a tour to Edinburgh in just $40.

6.Johnston Terrance city tour in Edinburgh

What better to get start and then bus tour journey than any of Johnston Terrance Bridge and to enjoy the ride like drive to some of finest places and adapting the culture rich destinations in beautiful Edinburgh. Amazing experience great historic marketplace, grass market at bus stop following to enjoy the tour is really wonderful. Same like hop off at bus stop to get learn all about history of Edinburgh into the national museum of Scotland on famous chambers street for amazing attractions.

7.Edinburgh uncovered private 3 hour group tour

Now what better is the way to get start and then bus tour journey than at the Waverley bridge and enjoy the ride riveting to finest. Amused experience great historic places and to get relaxed and let the exclusive and buses take care of the road and just keep the camera ready for capturing. All these fee opportunities in tour are available in just $158 for all the tourists and travelers.

8.Golden tours

Exactly with the services is actually worth mentioning and then necessary to note golden tours has the only been giving the one third of five star rating absolutely wonderful. So as that reviews for their hop on hop off bus tour exactly mixed and several customers having come to the better conclusion at the services was not good actually.  People who are enjoying their best trip opportunities was a great value along made it a lot more easier to the exploring Edinburgh and equally beneficial for solo travelers in all around the world for leaving positive review on and more bus tours at

24-Hour Hop-on Hop-off Ticket Price and rates:

Adult – £28 Child – £14 Family – £74

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