Top Hotels in Phuket, Thailand

Indigo Pearl

Best for: People looking for chic, stylish getaways and unique spa experiences

Where: A secluded spot right on Nai Yang Bay Beach

Indigo Pearl

The Indigo Pearl is a seriously stylish resort. It took its design inspiration from the island’s tin mining past, so the architecture and decor are a little bit different to the norm.

There’s a lot to look forward to here if you’re hoping for an indulgent getaway. Among the things that particularly caught my eye is the Coqoon Spa. Now, you’re probably thinking that both the above resorts offer spas too, so the fact that this establishment has one isn’t that special.

Well, what this spa offers is pretty unique. What I love about it is that there are treatment rooms and facilities like experience showers outside, against the setting of a dense forest. The idea of getting a little pampering in that kind of environment sounds truly amazing!

There are also several swimming pools, a fitness centre, tennis courts and even a dive centre (though you should be aware that if you want to dive, trips under the surface are payable locally rather than included in the price of your stay).

Of course, these are just a few of your options of places to book your hotel in Phuket. You can check out more with companies like Hayes & Jarvis. Let me know if you find any you think are better than the above!

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