Top 3 Places to visit in New South Wales (NSW)

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Visitors to NSW can look forward to enjoying very exciting adventures while on holiday. Let us take a closer look at some scenic ventures you can experience in NSW:

Gundabooka National Park

Gundabooka National Park

Red road in Gundabooka National Park – Photo credit

Approximately 50 kilometers away from Bourke area, Mt Gundabooka stretches its way from the banks of the Darling river and provides scenic views at its best. What makes it unique is the contrast between the blue skies against the weathered red soils, which makes it any photographer’s dream.

Kinchega National Park

Kinchega National Park

Kinchega National Park – Photo credit

Bird lovers would want to visit this exciting park as it hosts the mesmerizing Menindee lake that is home to our feathered friends. You will get to see wedge-tailed eagles, emus, herons, echidnas, black swans, ducks, and more. Tourists will marvel at the ever changing colours coming from this lake while on public holiday during 2012 in NSW.

Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills – Photo credit

One of the most unusual pieces of land that is located about 6 km away from Wentworth, the Perry Sandhills will mystify you with its continuous shifting sand dunes that was home to the emus, wombats, lions, and kangaroos many moons ago. Nowadays the sandhills are used for events like “Music Under the Stars” that forms part of the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival held annually.

There is so much more to see and do in NSW like the Great Outback drives, discovering various trails, visiting prominent beaches, and more during NSW public holidays 2012.

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