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A top tourist destination, Italy offers its visitors a wide range of experiences through each and every one of its regions. Sprawling on over 1,000 kilometers from North to South, the country extends from the majestic Alps and the heavily industrialized Po Valley in the North to the fascinating islands and sun-drenched Mediterranean coast in the South. If Italy’s valuable artistic and cultural heritage dates back to the Renaissance, the country attracts the tourists also because of its beautiful nature, great beaches, culinary delights, and lifestyle.

When to visit Italy

The best times of the year to book your trip to Italy are the spring and autumn months (from April to June and from September to October), especially if you are planning to tour the countryside. Both the temperatures and the tourist activity are moderate during these periods. August is to be avoided, if possible, as well as December, because of the holidays. Touristic places are crowded and prices tend to soar at these times of the year.



The former capital of the world charms everyone with its powerful contrasts. An amazing mix of sophistication and provincialism, of sociability and brutality, of history and modernism, Rome is home to some of the world’s most famous monuments, but also to a lively arts scene.

Walk down the streets of Rome and you will see the city’s glorious past emerging at every step, living in full harmony with the present: temple pillars arise behind bus stations, revelers wiggle in 14th century chapels and the gladiators’ arenas are home to live rock concerts. Amidst the imperial relics, baroque fountains and retro cafes, the Eternal city unveils a mind-blowing cocktail of street art, multi-ethnic flavors Italian fusion entrenched in the twenty-first century.

Landmarks dating from the times of ancient Rome landmarks are a must see while in the Italian capital. Plan at least half a day for the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Include in your itinerary a visit to the Capitol Hill, the Pantheon and Fontana de Trevi – the symbol of the Italian dolce vita. If you have time, tour also Piazza Navona, located not far from the Pantheon

Rome, italy


Often spoken of as the most beautiful city in Italy, Florence charms with its artistic and historic heritage. Some of the monuments and museums that you must visit in Florence are: Piazza del Duomo, where you can also find the Florence Cathedral, Piazza della Signoria, with its series of monuments, including the famous Loggia dei Lanzi, Palazzio Vechio Museum, where you can admire the works of Michel-Ange Buonarotti, Donatello, Verrocchio, Agnolo Bronzino, Ghirlandaio, and Georges Vasari. The symbol of the city, Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge in Florence dating from before World War II.

Florence, Italy


Known as a romantic destination par excellence, Venice is multifaceted city: I Frari, Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, and La Fenice … Having toured these splendors, go behind the scenes and discover a maze of passages. It is in the streets, away from San Marco’s main avenues that you will discover the city’s real soul: bustling artisans in their studios, cooks preparing delicious cicheti (Venetian tapas), musicians going to their rehearsal sessions, the streets echoing with the muffled sounds of neighbors waving at each other or the pattering of small dogs.

Venice, Italy


Sicily simply charms its visitors: the city Palermo, strongly influenced by the Arab and Norman civilizations, the Greek ruins of Agrigento and Syracuse, the seven Aeolian Islands home to lush vineyards and luxury hotels, the beaches of Taormina, and a delicious local cuisine. This beautiful Italian region has everything you need!

Italy, Sicily

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