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Travel to Guilin to See a Different Side of China

Yangshuo Mountains Guilin China

Unlike Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other well-known Chinese cities and places, Guilin is relatively unknown by most people. Don’t be fooled though, exploring this region certainly puts Guilin on par with some of the best destinations in China. To get the most out of your trip there, here are some spots you must visit:

Elephant Trunk Hill

When you travel to Guilin, your vacation will not be complete without visiting the Elephant Trunk Hill. Also known locally as Xiangbishan, this unique tourist spot got its name because its shape resembles an elephant which appears to be drinking water from the river.

You will certainly enjoy boating around the river, cherishing each moment in such a natural, beautiful environment. The air is fresh and the surroundings are lush and green. If boating down the river is not your cup of tea, perhaps arriving by car to the famous pagoda while looking at the beautiful view can be just as gratifying.

Guilin Art Museum

If you want to view one of China’s treasure coves of aesthetic beauty, spending a day at the Guilin Art Museum would be a wise choice. Satisfy your desire for the arts with the province’s largest art museum. Paintings, China jars, sculptures, historical pieces and countless other local displays can be found at the Guilin Art Museum.

Longji Rice Terraces

Enjoy the vast landscapes of “Dragon Bones” that Longji Rice Terraces has to offer. This awe-inspiring man made creation is located at the province of Longsheng,  outside of the city. Tourists in China who seek to have a quiet moment can enjoy the view or relax at the natural hot springs within the same area.

Travel to Guilin Rice Terrace

Local Restaurants

Hungry? Traveling to Guilin will give you the opportunity to try the local flavors and really give you the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine food lovers will absolutely go crazy for. For starters, try out the Li River Cuisine, The Good Luck Restaurant, Baiwei Dumpling Restaurant, Zhengyang Tangcheng and Yiyuan Restaurant which are all great choices.

Cheap Guilin Vacation

Going on vacation to Guilin is relatively cheaper than other places in China. So booking a visit at any time of the year will not hurt your pocket. However, if you are the thrifty type, going there on a non-peak season will shave off a significant amount from the usual price.

As for accommodations, the majority of Guilin hotels will do. Just to give you a tip, try hotels like Shang-rila Hotel Guilin, Guinlyi Royal Palace, Sheraton Guilin Hotel or Lijiang Waterfall Hotel that range from $90 plus to $120.

We all know about all of the popular cities to visit in China but if you are looking for something a little different, Guilin will have a hard time disappointing you.

Guest post by Nicholas Martin:

Nicholas Martin of Passport Visa Travelers Guide visits and writes about many international tourist destinations including the diverse country of China.

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