Travelgooru is a global travel search engine dedicated to providing information and viable solutions to users on all travel-related issues. The website was developed by a group of IT professionals and technological experts incorporating the best search engine technologies.  Through the Travelgooru global travel search engine, users around the world can get access to hundreds of travel sites and make quick comparisons for the best travel deals that suit their purpose. 

Once a user enters a search for a flight booking, holiday packages, cruises, hotels, or car rentals, Travelgooru provides an exhaustive list of airlines and agencies where the user can connect to the best deals in a short period. The system also offers a price comparison service that helps to save the time a person would typically spend when opening different websites or comparing prices on their own. 

Travelgooru service is free to use and offers a fast, convenient, and secure system for users without the hassles of intermediaries. The system works by finding airlines or agencies with the best price offers and connecting consumers to their choice. Bookings are made directly with agencies or airlines rather than Travelgooru, thereby eliminating any extra charges. 

Travelgooru Services 

  • Free Travel Search engine and Comparison system 

The utmost service provided by Travelgooru is the travel search engine that helps users find different deals, including cheap international flights, car rentals, and hotels. The search engine features a simple and secure environment so consumers can find solutions to all their travel issues in one single place. With Travelgooru, consumers do not have to shuffle between different websites or agencies or contact several airlines before making a choice. 

The system works by searching and comparing prices across different travel agencies and airlines, providing a list of the lowest and best travel deals while helping you save both time and money in the process. Through Travelgooru’s comparison system and absence of middleman fees, consumers can save up to 60 percent on booking services. 

  • Hotel booking 

Travelgooru offers one of the best and easiest ways to book a hotel online for your travel either you are traveling for leisure, business, or any other purpose. Beyond making booking easy, travelers can find the cheapest hotel deals on Travelgooru even if they have never been to that destination. Immediately you enter your query into the search engine; Travelgooru searches through several hotel company sites and provides a list of all hotels near the preferred destination, as well as their deals and prices. The list may include resorts, bed and breakfast, motels, holiday lettings, and inns depending on your preference.

  • Flights Booking 

Travelgooru searches the internet to connect users with the best discounts on domestic and international flights anywhere across the globe. Without having to visit several hundreds of agencies or airline websites, the system brings the best low-cost flight tickets to your fingertips. Regardless of your destination or the urgency of your travel, Travelgooru gives the quickest and most convenient service. The system compares over 728 airline companies, including local and international airlines. 

  • Car rentals

Travelgooru also offers a list of the best industry car rentals for pick up and drop off in your city of preference. If you are unsure of where to find a ride, need to be picked up or dropped off at the airport, or you want to be chauffeured around during your visit, the system will find you the most reliable online car rentals and deals closest to you. You can also book a car hire while you are already on the move. 

  • Best travel destinations 

Besides booking services, Travelgooru suggests travel destinations to potential holiday cruisers and tourists who aren’t sure where to go. Each month, the website features a travel destination with details on the best places to visit and top things to do while you are there. There is information on the best restaurants to visit and food to try as well. Travelgooru has a global commission of partners across the world who offer travel recommendations through experience and local knowledge. 

  • General and Legal Travel information

There is a carefully researched collection of articles on all issues related to travel. From advice on traveling with medications and packing hacks to tips on how to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation. 

More importantly, users can learn about their rights and privileges as travelers on the Travelgooru website. Many times, airline passengers and consumers miss out on up to 700 dollars’ worth of compensation without their knowledge. Users who have had their flights delayed or canceled can send their flight details to experts on Travelgooru and get an estimate of how much money may be rightfully theirs.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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