Travelling With a Teenager? 5 Ways to Keep Them Happy On a Holiday to Spain

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We all love our teenagers but they do tend to act up at the best of times. With this in mind, it can become quite a nightmare trying to travel with them. This is especially true when you as adults or parents want to relax, much to the frustration of your teen who either wants to be alone or gets restless sitting at a local cafe or in the hotel room. However, it’s a totally plausible idea to think that the whole family can have a good time. All it takes is a bit of forward thinking and planning ahead. Spain is a particularly wonderful place to test out these ideas because of its vibrant culture and abundance of activities for any traveller – regardless of their age.

Let Them Meet Other Teenagers

One of the best ways to keep a teenager excited about their holiday abroad is to let them meet other teenagers. If they bump into someone they fancy, they’ll normally be grinning instead of declaring their never-ending hate for you. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to set strict ground rules as you are in another country. Still, let them enjoy the nearby shopping centres and under 18 nightlife. A good place to find this is in the resorts along Torremolinos.

Keep Them Active

There’s nothing quite like a busy day to tire out a restless teenager and help them make the most of their time away from home. This also means that they’re more likely to wind down for docile dinners and family movies than otherwise. If they’re old enough, they can also fall asleep in the hotel room while you go out dancing. Swimming is one of the best ways to do this and Spain has no shortage of exceptional beachfronts.

Add Relevance to Their Experience

While you may see the beauty of Spanish architecture or visit the temples, chances are, your teenager might be bored to death. You can engage them by explaining why you want to see this particular monument or why this architecture is so fascinating. While it may not always work out in your best interests, creating a story around the activity will help your teen appreciate what they are witnessing.

Compromise on the Itinerary

While it might be tempting to take on an I’m-the-boss attitude, no holiday is as good as it could be if no one gets a chance to have any fun. While you may enjoy having quiet dinners and taking in the local views, your teen may want to visit a theme park or see something new in town. Compromise on your strict itinerary to ensure that your teens feel considered and so you can also enjoy yourself.

Give Them Some Downtime

None of these tips will be of any help to you if you can’t also enjoy the quiet moments. How would you like it if your mum and dad wouldn’t give you any privacy or quiet time while on holiday? Yes, you may have to think back 20 years, possibly more but I’m sure you’d agree that teenagers need some room to breathe and collect themselves. This could be a trip to a nearby beach, some time in the room or an hour watching TV while you and your partner go out for a champagne brunch.


If you are travelling with a teenager, why not look into renting one of the many Spain villas for your week away?  Not only are they large enough to stop you treading on each others toes but most will contain a number of modern conveniences to keep your teens entertained for hours.

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