Ultimate Guide to Cairo for First Time Visitors

Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, has a lot in store for the global travellers. It is a city amidst the beautiful landscape, infuriating lifestyle, and the magnificent surroundings. Although it could be one of the best times of your life when wandering in Cairo, you need to keep several things in mind as the first time visitors. In this article, we will give you a brief to make your visit memorable and hassle free.

Best time to visit Cairo

The months of March and April are ideally known to be the best months for tourists to visit Cairo. Also, the winter months, October and November, are considered pleasant to wander and explore the city of Cairo and around. These seasons are comfortable and there is a lesser crowd. Also, it is not the peak time and the cost of accommodation would be low. 

Try to avoid any time from December to February as there will be a huge crowd everywhere and you may not be able to enjoy your trip. Also, the hotel tariffs would be much more than your expectations.

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How to travel to Cairo?

One of the best ways to travel to Cairo from any city or state of the world is by airline. There are both cost effective and premium airlines that can offer you the best air travel service to Cairo. If you are looking for a low cost airline, then you can try Flyadeal. Check out the travel portals by putting down your to and from location to know the fare. 

Hire a guide if you are travelling solo

In case you are planning to have a solo trip to Cairo, it is better to have a guide with you. As it is a new destination, and you may not know what’s right and wrong in Cairo, a local person beside you can give you a memorable trip. Also, you would be free from having a boring trip. A local guide can show you the culture and heritage of Cairo. 

Culture in Cairo

Cairo is the largest city of the state and one can experience a diversified culture. The city has a vast ancient history that was extended to various other parts of the world such as Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Many global tourists know Cairo as a conservative city, but in reality, it is become progressive and contains a mixture of modern and western elements. At one side, you can see the Pyramids and magnificent mosques. While on the other side, you can experience the media production city and its beautiful Opera House. The city also has cafes boasting shisha or hookah joints that are popular among the locals. You might also be amazed by checking out its nightlife which is close to those of New York or London.

What to wear in Cairo?

If you are a first time visitor to the city Cairo, you need to be well versed with what you can wear. You can neither look weird nor disrespect the clothes worn by the locals. Most of the men in Egypt wear conservative outfits. If you want to mingle with them, then pick long trousers and shirts. It is better not to wear t-shirts or sleeveless t-shirts. On the other side, women can wear full clothes which are not towards the side of western concept. If you want, you can purchase cheap abayas from the local market and wear. Make sure you are not wearing any revealing clothes in the holy month of Ramzan. 

Arabic travel phrase language guide

It is absolutely okay if you do not know Arabic. However, if you are a quick learner, then you can learn some easy and common words or phrases. For instance, As-salamu alaykum means greeting and it is responded with Wa alaykum a-salam. If you want to say thank you, you can go with shokran. 

Most popular attractions in Cairo

It is important to note down the places in advance before you reach Cairo. You can research online about the must see or visit locations in Cairo, and make a list. Some of the well known attractions include:

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  • Al-Azhar mosque
  • Coptic Cairo
  • Egyptian Museum
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  • The Citadel
  • Bab Zuweila
  • Ibn Tulun Mosque
  • Manyal Palace
  • Downtown Cairo
  • Souq Quarter

Make sure you visit the above few places that have been shortlisted by the global tourists who had been to Cairo and had a memorable time of their life. 

Where to eat in Cairo?

It is said that the local food of the place can tell you a lot more about the city. Some of the delicious food items that you can try in Cairo are foul medames fava bean dip, felafal, koshary, shawarma, hamam mahshi, mixed meat grill, and hawawshi. 

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Some of the must visit places to try the best cuisine in Cairo include:

  • Koshary Abou Tarek
  • Abu Haider
  • El Sultan
  • Kebdet El Prince
  • El-kazaz
  • Neama
  • La Poire
  • El-Domiaty
  • El-karnak
  • Ahwa

If you are a foodie, then do not miss to check out and relish the popular Egyptian dishes in these places. 

Markets and shopping in Cairo

Cairo is a heaven for shopaholics. There are many colourful markets of Cairo where you can buy stuff are Khan El Khalili, Souq El Gom’aa, Mohamid Ali Street, and El  Azbakeya Wall. The items you can buy exclusively from these markets include historical books, handmade shoes, fabrics, oriental arts, incense, manuscripts, paintings, kohl cosmetics, wooden jewelry boxes, and a lot more. 

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Where to stay in Cairo?

There are hotels of all kinds and many other accommodations where tourists can have a peaceful stay when in Cairo. You can find the best hotels in locations such as Zamalek, Maadi, Downtown, New Cairo, and Pyramids are some of the popular places to stay. What are you waiting for? If you want to witness the flavour of Cairo, then all you need to do is find the affordable flights to Cairo and have a great trip.

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