Unmissable Majorca Attractions

Planning a trip to Majorca? Here are some attractions you won’t want to miss. Let’s start with the beaches, since these are a major draw for millions of visitors each year. One thing there’s no shortage of is sun, sea and sand – your only issue will be deciding which beach to go for. For family entertainment, safe swimming for kids, water sports and plenty of bars and restaurants, Alcudia is a popular spot. However, if you want less hustle and bustle, then we recommend somewhere like Cala Tuent or Calas de Mallorca, where there’s less to do.

Palma, Majorca Attractions

In the capital itself, you won’t want to miss the breathtaking and peaceful Basilica De Sant Francesc. This Gothic church dates back to the 13th century and also includes the tomb of Ramon Llull, a Catalonian mystic. If you can’t get to the Basilica, then another Gothic church worth seeing is La Seu Cathedral, which Antonio Gaudi worked on briefly.

Gothic style architecture is in plentiful supply in Palma and you won’t see a finer example than the 14th century Bellver Castle. This was virtually impregnable back in those days and also has the distinction of being a circular castle; there aren’t many of those in Europe. The castle is now a historical museum and a great place to enjoy some of the island’s cultural events.

Palma is also a great place to travel back in time, courtesy of the Soller Railway. This is a train with an electric locomotive which dates back to 1912 and still has all of the character of trains of the past. As you ride the 13km route, you get a snapshot of the history of the island, complemented by beautiful scenery. Your journey from the capital ends in Soller, a lovely village where you can enjoy a tasty meal before the return trip.

Beyond the Capital

If you want to go even further back in time, then you’ll need to leave the capital. The Tramuntana valley is home to picturesque and ancient villages which give you a feel for an earlier historical period. Fornalutx is a prime example of this. Part of its charm lies in the old stone houses decorated with tiles and dating back to the era of the Moors. While in the area, visit tiny Deia, set high on a hill – it’s a great place for a hike. If you’re a committed walker, then you will probably enjoy the four hour walk up to Biniaraix, from where you will see spectacular views from a picturesque location. It’s yet another of the many fabulous sights to see in Majorca.

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