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Regardless of whether you are touring or simply exploring the islands, there are a host of things to do in Malta. The greatest benefit visitors experience over here is that everything is within close range of each other. This is a huge plus in anyone’s books. Let’s explore the best of Malta.

Beaches in and around Malta

Malta beach

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If it is relaxing and having a good time is your thing, then the clear blue sea coupled with white sands are sure to attract you. There are plenty of rocky bays and sandy beaches around for everyone to enjoy.

Best Diving Spot in Malta

The adventurous at heart will clearly enjoy the unspoilt Gozo islands that happens to be any diver’s ideal diving spot. It does not matter from which part of the world you are, be sure to visit the crystal clear waters that abounds with caves, drop offs, grottos and even tunnels. You may check https://www.globosurfer.com/best-diving-cameras/ for some great diving cameras!

Markets for the Shopaholics

All kinds of interesting things are on display for visitors to feast their eyes on at the numerous open markets that are set up in various locations such as Mosta, Valetta, Birgu, Gozo, to name but a few.

Malta’s Nightlife

It is truly amazing how much entertainment this small island holds. For the party animals there is no shortage of discos, late-night bars and pubs. Discos start early at night and carries on into the wee hours of the morning. The La Grotta Disco situated in Gozo proves to be the most popular as it is uniquely different in the sense that it is hosted in a cave and sports three bars.

Theatre Lovers are Not Left Out

There are several theatres such as the Manoel Theatre that can be found in Valletta as well as the Astra Theatre to be seen in Victoria Gozo. Both these and other theatres are known for stellar ballet, concert and opera performances.

Sports in Malta

If you are into land sports, then Malta certainly does not disappoint as you can participate in games of squash, tennis, gymnastics, cycling, badminton, football, and more.

Water sports enthusiasts will get to enjoy water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and diving.

Experience Underwater Safari

Malta underwater safari

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If you are dying to see underwater sea life, then you must join the underwater safari where tour boats with specially designed underwater observation areas will let you and 37 others enjoy clear views of the Mediterranean.

Any tourist to Malta cannot say enough about all the wonderful things there is to do in Malta. This is one place you must see.

Malta – One of the most popular places to learn English

For visitors who would like to experience high teaching standards combined with sunny weather, the lovely island of Malta provides the perfect surroundings for an English language journey.

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