Why Ferries are a better way to travel

If you are traveling internationally, especially one that is surrounded by seas and ocean, then you might find a lot of ways through which you can explore the area. However, there are some things that can only be explored in a better way through using a Ferry.

If you have never had the joy of ferry riding, then you are certainly missing the fun of traveling and exploring. Ferries are some of the most comfortable, fast, and mesmerizing experiences that you will ever have while traveling and exploring a country.

Ferries are not only fast and comfortable but also one of the most affordable ways through which you can travel from one point to another. Also, since it travels on water, you will have unlimited scenic views and the cold breeze from the ocean to enjoy through the entire journey. 

Ferries basically act as transportation which carries people and sometimes cars and cargo from one point to another. Although ferries were initially small boats that were used to carry people to a short distance, now you can also find ships and merchant vessels as ferries that carry cargo and cars.

Ferries are also a great way for transportation if one is traveling by car and bikes. If you decide to travel to a place and try to explore it by bike and cars, you can take it to a different location through ferries, especially when there are no motorable roads to connect.

Ferries are a great way to travel as they save a lot of time and offer a better form of transport when compared to any other public transport available. Let’s have a look at why ferries should be the preferred way to explore a country.


One of the best advantages of using ferries is that it is very affordable and at the same time you will be spending less and covering more distance. Using any other means of transport would lead to more cost on fuel and will also take a lot of time and effort. However, when you use a ferry, you simply have to travel by sitting comfortably and shedding out the least amount for the ticket. Ferry services like Rottnest Fast Ferries would cost you less than half the amount, and even less when you explore the place using ferries, instead of cars or bikes.

Environment friendly

One of the best parts of using a ferry is that it contributes a lot to the environment. Using any other type of transportation would lead to an increased usage of fuel and emission. When it comes to ferries it actually contributes to reducing pollution. They not only cut down on exhume fumes, but the rate of pollution is very less. Since it can transport thousands of people at one time, it definitely reduces the number of people in cars and other transport on the road.

Reach Places where nothing else can take you

When it comes to exploring cities and countries, especially one located around seas and oceans, there are a lot of locations that can only be explored using a ferry and will either take you hours to reach otherwise through a car or you there will be no motorable road to reach there.

It is also one of the great ways for locals to travel to the office on a daily basis due to which they easily avoid any kind of traffic rush on the road. If you are looking to explore secret and untouched places on the seas and travel to the most beautiful places on the water, then ferries are the only and best choice. So the next time you travel, do try to enjoy the same in the ferry.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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