Why Hotel Prices In NYC Are So High

In general, New York City has one of the highest living costs of in the United States. For instance, when you compare New York City with Marshall County in Mississippi, it costs exactly double to have the same lifestyle in the two places.

New York Palace Hotel

New York Palace Hotel – Photo source

While travelling, the last thing that you need is spending a night in a shady hotel. However, in a city like New York, getting relatively place to spend for a night or two can be very tricky. In fact, New York City hotels have been found to be one of the most expensive cities in the world especially during the holiday season. This does not only apply to hotels alone but also to the available New York short term rentals. In fact, the past few years have been characterized by an increase of visitors in the city and most of them opt to stay in rented apartments from companies like KG Furnished as opposed to hotels.

The reason behind the high prices is that most hotels are usually almost fully booked creating an acute shortage of accommodation. In most cases however, these prices will tend to fluctuate and this will highly depend on the season. The festive season is considered as one of the expensive times to stay in the city. In fact, if you are relocating to New York, the first thing that you will learn in the first days of your stay in the city is how expensive accommodation is. For instance, a hotel room can cost as much as $350 a night on average. This is expensive when compared to the available New York short term rentals. In fact, many people visiting or relocating to the city find it cheaper to rent apartments as opposed to sleeping in hotels. This is of course, if they have to stay for some time.

Why Opt For Rentals

New York short term rentals are considered relatively cheaper in comparison to hotel rooms. This is because, they are spacious and can cost as little as $250 a night. In addition you can get your own luxury furnished apartment ranging from a doorman-attended high rises to quaint brownstones. In simple terms, such rentals offers a feeling that can only be compared to what one is used to have while at his or her home. Mind you, some of the apartment managers offer convenient transport arrangements and to shopping malls and restaurants in many of New York desirable neighborhoods.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to such rentals. Finding a legal apartment in the city requires a good deal of work. In addition, most of these short term rental apartments will require you to stay for a given minimum number of nights. This means that, if you are passing through the city, getting a rental apartment for a night can be very hard. Therefore, the only option that you are left with is going to find accommodation in hotel rooms. Again, this can be challenging especially if you are new in town.

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