Why Luxury Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Don’t waste your time booking a hotel, book a luxury vacation rental instead.

Luxury vacation rentals

As a family, we all need to go away on vacations.  For adults, it’s a time to unwind, forget about work, worries and spend quality time with our family.  For the children, it’s a time to relax, forget about school and homework and spend quality time with our parents and siblings.  Where to go?  Miami beach is a popular destination for tourists.  Who can blame them?  Lovely tropical weather, picturesque beaches, varied choices of tourist attractions to visit and beautiful, luxurious hotels to stay in.  However, going on a vacation in Miami Beach, especially when you have a big family could turn out to be very expensive, especially when booking flights and hotels.  But there are ways to alleviate the expenses, especially when vacationing under a tight budget and one of them is staying at vacation rentals instead of hotels.

Why are luxury vacation rentals better than hotels?

  1. It is cheaper.  Most hotels and resorts charge per room or per person.  When staying at a vacation rental, you won’t have to pay for individual rooms and the use of facilities.  A lot of the vacation rentals in Miami Beach are as luxurious and fine as any of the famous five star hotels in Miami, it all depends on what your budget is.
  2. Once again, it is cheaper.  All vacation rentals are equipped with fully-functioning kitchens that means, when not dining out, you can dine in and cook your own meals.  This will save you a lot of money instead of eating out.  Some vacation rentals even have their own barbecue grill by the pool side!
  3. Another important reason for choosing to stay at luxury rentals instead of hotels is that you will have more freedom to do what you want.  Your children can be as loud and boisterous as they want without having to worry about disturbing other guests.  If your vacation rental has a patio or a garden, you can party the night away with your whole family.
  4. And lastly, staying at a luxury vacation rental offers you more privacy.  You won’t have to feel embarrassed about bumping into another guest after you’ve had a few drinks and seeing them again in the corridor the next day.  You won’t have to leave your keys at the front desk when you leave.  Staying at a vacation rental is like having your own home away from home.  What more can you ask?

And at Miami Beach, there are a lot of luxury vacation rentals out in the market today, whether you want the finest and grandest villa, or you’re under a strict budget – There’s a vacation rental for everyone.

Not everyone realizes the benefits to booking luxury vacation rentals as opposed to hotels. I wrote this article to help give travellers a little insight to the differences between the two.

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