Wizz Air compensation for cancelled flights and flight delays

If you are a Wizz Air passenger, or if you booked a flight with Wizz Air know you have rights and you can be entitled to compensation when your flight is delayed by the airline’s fault putting you at risk of losing another connecting flight if you intend to have a longer trip. You can also be eligible for the full refund of the price of your ticket in case your flight is cancelled.

Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline company, therefore it is under the law and jurisdiction of EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 regarding the compensation and refund plan and must compensate you, monetarily, if your flight has been delayed or cancelled with the exception when the flight changes are due to extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided by Wizz Air.

AirAdvisor can help you get your refund

When we refer to situations of Wizz Air prolonged flight delays and flight cancellations, even more lately due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, often we hear air passengers complain the airline refused to pay any refund or compensations for cancelled or delayed flights, not complying with the EU Regulation 261 in regards to the air passengers rights.

AirAdvisor is here to assist you and make sure your rights are protected and you get your refund. Know you can be entitled to claim Wizz Air cancelled flight compensation up to €600 and AirAdvisor makes claiming compensation an easy process.

If you book a flight with Wizz Air and the airline makes last-minute changes either there is a Wizz Air flight cancellation or flight delay, you might be interested to know your eligibility for compensation, what you should do in order to claim this compensation and what are your rights in this kind of situations as Wizz Air passengers.

In what follows we will answer these questions at a time.

What amount of compensation can I claim from Wizz Air?

Accordingly to Article 7 of the EU Regulation 261, the amount of Wizz Air delay compensation you can claim is determined by the length of your trip and the duration of the flight delay:

  • 250 EUR for up to 1,500 km
  • 400 EUR for all intra-Community flights (EU – EEA) between 1,501 and 3,500 km
  • 600 EUR applies only to non-intra-Community flights (EU – EEA) over 3,500 km

What should I do if my flight was changed by Wizz Air?

If you confront with a Wizz Air flight delay or cancellation know you have the right and the option to either:

– rebook at no charge another flight operated by Wizz Air on the same route or, if necessary, on a comparable route, depending on seat availability. The new reservation must be made 14 days in advance or 30 days after the scheduled departure date of the delayed/cancelled flight but if you are not satisfied with the available flights, then you are entitled to Wizz Air compensation and the airline must provide you with refund options when booking online again.

– or you can cancel your reservation and request compensation or even a full refund in your WIZZ account through the original payment method if the cancellation or delay was not due to extraordinary circumstances. You can also request WIZZ credits for the full amount of your modified flight payment, and you can use the travel credits to purchase any WIZZ services or future flights, plus 20% of the fare paid for the cancelled or modified flight, to your WIZZ Account.

What other rights do I have in the situation of Wizz Air delayed or cancelled flight?

It is good to know you also have the right to other services Wizz Air must provide to you in any situation of Wizz Air delayed or cancelled flight under Regulation 261: 2 free phone calls (telex, fax or email), hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the hotel, free of charge in the case of a flight change, when the departure date of the new flight is the day after the one in which the cancelled flight was originally planned.

If Wizz Air, for any reasons, cannot provide you with these services, the airline must reimburse you the value of these communications, the costs of meals and drinks, hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the hotel.

How can I claim Wizz Air cancelled or delayed flight compensation?

If you are dealing with a Wizz Air delay or cancelled flight, AirAdvisor is here to help you and to make sure the airline complies with EU Regulation 261 and acts according to your rights as air passengers. You may be entitled to $600 in compensation if you experienced any delay, cancelled or overbooked flight within the last 3 years.

So how does it work?


You can submit a claim absolutely free of charge and check if you are eligible for compensation 100% risk-free. 


Your AirAdvisor Assistant can help you check if your flight is entitled to compensation, using our flight compensation calculator. Air Advisor team of experts will check your flight details in-depth, contacting the airlines, working with the authorities and will fight for your rights so you can get your refund.

Step 3: RECEIVE YOUR COMPENSATIONThe moment the airline makes the refund, we transfer the money to you, minus a fee of 30% from the amount you receive from the airline. However, we get paid only if we successfully claim Wizz Air compensation on your behalf.  

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