Relocate Abroad In 9 Easy Steps

Relocate Abroad

Moving house is never a walk in the park, especially when relocating overseas. Moving to another property across the street is a simple task in contrast to moving abroad. There are various jobs that need to be completed and months of preparation are required.

Crime, the high cost of living and the weather are the most common reasons cited why wealthy people are moving to a foreign land. And according to The Telegraph, over the next two years, over half a million of Britain’s richest residents could emigrate abroad.

Are you considering moving overseas but not sure what to do or who to turn to? Here is an expert guide to help you move in 9 easy steps.

1. Destination

Where do you want to move to? This is the leading decision which you need to make so choose carefully. If you can, try visiting the place beforehand to really get a feel of what life is like to live there. Research the healthcare, education, climate and employment figures.

2. Documentation

After picking the destination, you then need to discover whether or not you need a permit or Visa to live there. Some countries have specific Immigration procedures so find out what skills you need and your eligibility. What is more, if you plan on taking the family pet enquire about quarantine.

3. Book essentials

So you know where you are moving to and you know that you are entitled to live there, what now? Do your homework to find a shipping company that will offer you the best quote to move all your
belongings. Some transit times can take up to 6 weeks so it is vital that you pick a removal firm fast. Next book your flight tickets and don’t forget to take out insurance.

4. Gather all your personal documents

Check that your passport is valid and start gathering all your personal documents like your birth certificate, medical records and marriage certificate. You will probably need copies of all of these so be prepared in advance.

5. Belongings

Start sorting through all your belongings to pack items away into boxes. If there is anything that you do not want to take with you, either arrange storage or get rid of it. Obviously you won’t be able to pack everything away because you will be using it but you can still start to organise your possessions and keep each room separate for packing ease.

Now is the time to start running all your food stocks down; try to use what you have and only buy what you need.

6. Notify all relevant establishments

If your children are in school, you will need to notify the educational establishments as well as inform all relevant product providers such as the bank/building society, dentist, doctor, DVLA, solicitor and HM Revenue & Customs. You will need to inform Royal Mail to forward all your mail.

7. Pay outstanding debts

Before you move you will need to pay all outstanding payments such as final billings for water, gas and electricity as well as your mobile phone bill. If you have any subscriptions like magazines,
newspaper or milkman, don’t forget to notify them and cancel all agreements.

8. Last minute bits and bobs

It is at this stage when you can take care of any final loose ends. If you have any DVDs on loan, return them and if you have any house plants, give them to someone to look after. Clean the house so it is ready for the next tenant and ask your children to clear their lockers out at school. Empty your desk at work.

9. Arrange moving day plans

On moving day, do you need anyone to look after your kids or the family pet? Arrange for the mains services to be disconnected and ask your neighbours to leave enough space for the removal vans.
Don’t forget to leave out your passports, travelling clothes, money, flight tickets and pet supplies.


Moving abroad can be difficult and demanding but follow these top tips to have a stress-free relocation.

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