Tasmania Public Holidays 2013

Experience True Excitement During Public Holidays Tasmania

From soaring peaks, interesting rainforests, dense bushland to white sandy beaches, Tasmania is a true haven for many a holiday maker during peak holiday time and offpeak season. You can expect to see the world’s tallest trees within the forests of Tasmania. Situated towards the south of Victoria, Tasmania is home to just over half a million people and was named after Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer who saw the island in 1642.

Most of its people live within the borders of the capital city, Hobalt. Tasmania is famous for animals like the Tasmanian devil, the eastern quoll and the spotted-tail. These animals are rarely seen anywhere else. Citizen of Tasmania always look forward in celebrating Tasmanian public holidays as it brings them closer together as a nation.

Public Holidays 2013 Tasmania Dates

Tasmania Flag

People in Tasmania only observe the following public holidays:

New Year’s Day – 1 Jan 2013

Australia Day – 28 Jan 2013

Royal Hobart Regatta (South) – 11 Feb 2013

Eight Hours Day – 11 Mar 2013

Good Friday – 29 Mar 2013

Easter Monday – 1 Apr 2013

Easter Tuesday – 2 Apr 2013

Anzac Day – 25 Apr 2013

Queen’s Birthday – 10 Jun 2013

Recreation Day (North) – 4 Nov 2013

Christmas Day – 25 Dec 2013

Boxing Day – 26 Dec 2013

Interesting Facts About Tasmania

While most public holidays are observed in Tasmania in a similar fashion to the rest of Australia, they refer to Labour Day as the Eight Hours Day, which is celebrated on the second Monday in March.

Tasmania is known as the most natural state of Australia. It is divided into two regions as more than 35% of the state is made up of national parks, reserves and heritage sites that are world class quality.

On top of celebrating the standard public holidays, Tasmania celebrates certain days by staging special shows like the Royal Hobart show, King Island show, the Flinders Island show, and more…

Two very special shows are the Hobart show that is observed on the second Monday in February in the South, and Recreation Day, observed on the first Monday in November in the Northern part of Tasmania.

Things To Do In Tasmania

There is no time to be bored when visiting Tasmania during public holiday time as tourists get to see magnificent views and experience the best that Tasmania got to offer. Lets take a sneak peek at some of nature’s miracles.

Visitors will find that Tasmania bursts with natural wonders as they get to view the awe inspiring rainforest, glacial lakes, and alpine heathlands that are situated in the Cradle Mountain.

The Freycinet National Park brings a certain charm to its many visitors as they get to enjoy the coastal heaths and wildflowers that are all around the east coast of Tasmania. Not to mention the pure white sands of Wineglass Bay bordered by bushland and peaks.

Lying in the path of the Roaring Forties, King Island is a must go to place during public holidays Tasmania. This island is home to rocky coasts, long empty beaches, offshore reefs, and over 70 shipwreck sites, which makes it the ideal place for diving excursions.

With just more than a 1000 people living on King Island, it sure is one place tourists need to see before they head back home. This is where you get to taste some of the best creamy hand-made cheeses ever as the cattle get to feed on lush grass that is unique to this island.

Other visitor attractions not to be missed during Tasmanian public holidays include the Gordon River, Hasting Caves, Mount Wellington, Salamanca Place, The Nut in Stanley, Port Arthur, Cataract Gorge, Strahan and the West Coast, and Mole Creek Karst National Park.

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