5 American National Parks for Walks in Harmony with Nature

As you look to recharge your spirit and experience inspiring moments, walking in harmony with nature in one of American National Parks is your go-to option. From awe-inspiring moments to a relaxed feel as you take in the breathtaking sceneries, you will not only enjoy the moments but create long-lasting memories.

Are you ready to tour American National Parks? Let eDreams bring your dreams a step closer; buy a plane ticket and book a hotel as you plan your tour. Here is a look at 5 American National Parks you should check out.


Yellowstone is mainly located in Wyoming but extends to Idaho and Montana. The over 2 million acres of wilderness is the home of over 65 mammal species and natural wonders including Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Spring as well as Old Faithful. Among the major wildlife attraction in Yellowstone includes rare lynx, wild wolves, mountain lions, elk, foxes, grizzly and black bears to mention a few. Explore sub-alpine forest pines and enjoy the peace and tranquillity nature offers.

The Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular National Parks stretching 277 miles, is over 6000 ft deep and 18 miles wide.  Some of the most exciting adventures while visiting The Grand Canyon include a zip line experience or a helicopter ride. Take a couple of days and hike from one end to the other and if you are up for a challenge, try rafting in one of the world’s most challenging rapids on the Colorado River. You can also opt for a more relaxed view by going for the Skywalk observation deck and take in the Canyon’s magnificent splendor.

Death Valley

Look forward to exploring 140 miles long and up to 15 miles wide of the driest, hottest, and lowest section of the Northern American continent if you choose Death Valley as your destination region. Located in Inyo County, southeastern California, Death Valley’s unmatched beauty is characterized by colorful rocks and miles of deep dunes, unique evaporative salt elements, amazing canyons, and wildlife as well. Enjoy demanding hikes, go camping or explore the Park’s unique plant species that you cannot find anywhere else such as the Rock Lady and Desert Pupfish.

The Everglades

If you are looking for a fantastic combination of terrestrial environments, fresh and seawater, then Florida’s over 1.3 acres of subtropical wilderness is your answer. The Everglades is one place on this earth where alligators and crocodiles co-exist. Apart from that, you can watch the amazing pink birds, Flamingos among other species including Egrets, Herons, Ibises, and even Wood Storks.

You can also spot Bobcats as you explore the mangrove forests. Exploring the waters is also a must while in the Everglades where you get to spot one of the most distinctive sea mammals, the Manatees. If you are staying in Miami, there a lots of tours of the Everglades from Miami.


Spanning over 5 million acres, Alaska’s Denali Park is the home of the Big 5.  Apart from Moose, Caribou, Wolves, Grizzly Bears, and Dall sheep, you also get a chance to spot other animals including the Red Foxes, Lynx, Coyotes, Wolverines, and Marmots.

Denali is also where the nation’s highest peak is found, towering a breathtaking 20,310 feet. Take a hike in the high alpine area, spot the Dall sheep, and go bird watching as you enjoy the calming streams and lakes Denali Park offers.

As you plan your tour, take a point of knowing your destination to ease your packing efforts. Nothing makes the experience better than knowing you can conveniently move from one destination to the next. Buy a plane ticket and book a hotel at the comfort of your couch; let eDreams make your exploration easier by taking the worry off your shoulders.

Olivia Watson

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