6 Simple Tips for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Do you plan going outdoors today or tomorrow? If no, you should start by now.

There are plenty of reasons why outside is good for you and your entire family. One thing is familiar; the natural sunlight gives you the Vitamin D that you need. I’m sure you know other benefits.

So, instead of making yourself a prisoner of your room, go out and apply the six tips below for enjoying your great outdoors.  

Pay attention to the weather forecast.

Will you have fun if the weather is going against you? I doubt it that you’ll enjoy your outdoors 100% of the time. So, if there is one thing I can give you a tip at first, it is making sure that you pay attention to the weather forecast.

Remember that whether it is sunny or rainy, it doesn’t matter at all if it suits your outdoor plan for the day. My point here is that you should make sure that the weather is working with you and not against your plan.

Now, if the weather is going entirely against you; say, the storm is on its way, never go for now. Outdoor experience is not worth risking your life and putting yourself in danger.

Always choose to be safe than to be out.

Utilize the surroundings.

So you have your outdoor experience later on. Do you have a target location? Be resourceful and include the natural surroundings by adding a challenge to your outdoors which indoor activities cannot afford.

You need to be creative on how you can utilize the infrastructure or the environment to give you alternative equipment. Let’s say you’re in a park; you may use the benches, stairs, and fences for step ups, lunges, and workouts.

Have fun and use the equipment around.

Play watersports.

One of the most popular watersports is kayaking. The Kayaking is a watersport involving paddling through the use of a double-bladed oar as well as a small boat called “kayak.” The boats have different types and sizes.

A good recreational kayak will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Most of the kayak is made of polyethylene, ABS, and composite. Due to the exposure to the ultra-violet rays, the polyethylene breaks over time. Compared to this, the ABS can resist the sunlight, and it tends to last longer.

Another, for the composite options, kayak include fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber. This type is lightweight and usually outperforms other kinds. The only challenge is that it can be hard to find sometimes.

If you are looking for something more adventurous, taking a jet ski tour like the ones available in Key West will make so an exciting day on the water!

Join sporting events.

Another tip that will surely make you enjoy your great outdoors is to join sporting activities. Whatever sports it is; whether it is football, baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and the like, I’m sure that you’ll have so much fun.

Doing these sports activities do not only give health benefits to your body but also let you meet with new friends. Furthermore, based on the research conducted by Debbie A. Lawlor, physical exercise also provides mental health benefits to the person.

Thus, doing a combination of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities through this sports game is life-changing. You are not only playing games, but you are also socializing.

Try Stargazing

Do you still remember the last time you see the glittering stars?

When I was still a student, Science is my favorite subject, and Science Camp is my most favorite time and activities. Now, I always seem not to forget the thrill and happiness of stargazing. Stargazing is an incredible pleasure during your outdoors to see and watch the stars.

I’m sure that there are museum and planetariums near your area that hosts stargazing or moon-watching events all throughout the season. Take advantage of them.

Pack a seasonal food.

Food is always a part of a great party. In the same way, having food during your outdoor activities adds to the fulfillment and satisfaction. I’m sure that many of you find pleasure in not just eating but also preparing.

Depending on your activities outdoor, you’ll have plenty of options to take. If you are going for a picnic, some of the food that we usually prepare is salad, fruits, pasta, and many more. Sometimes, if the place permits, we can take our grill with us and enjoy cooking.

Remember to vary the type of food that you’ll bring with you depending on the location. Let the menu works for you and not against you. Make sure that it’s in the appropriate season.

Listen to music

Do you know that outdoors and music work together? It is not uncommon to hear from people how much they enjoy their music. Music is a captivating addition to your great outdoors experience.

Whenever I engage myself with nature especially when I am hiking, music becomes my body, and I enjoy it that way. Although I love the sounds that nature creates such as the rustling leaves, running water, and relaxing tweets of the birds; the moo of the cow; the neigh of the horse; and many more, there still a time that you want to hear your favorite soundtrack.

Many times, after long hours with nature, I would put my earplug and listen to the music in my playlist. To be honest, it makes my day more fantastic and enjoyable. Not only that, but it also makes me relaxed.

The music sounds to me like a beautiful symphony.

My Final Thoughts

Doing outdoor activities can be super fun if you enjoy every second of it. So, be sure to make the most out of your experience. You may try my tips and see for yourself if it makes a difference in your experience outdoors.

I hope that by sharing you my six tips for enjoying your great outdoors, you’ll get happier.

Do I miss your favorite tip? If so, comment on the box below.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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