8 beautiful destinations for your stoner adventure

Nothing is more awe-inspiring than spending your vacations at breathtaking destinations while you are high. Since the legality of smoking weed or marijuana varies from country to country and even in some countries where marijuana is legal for private consumption, one cannot smoke weed publically so, it is always safe to exercise caution while using marijuana.

Just because a destination is on this list does not mean that you, as a visitor, can freely smoke weed at public places. Always exercise caution since the laws regarding weed are constantly changing in different countries otherwise your adventure can become a misadventure as well.

Thanks to our friends at Smokesmith Gear who compiled this list of 8 beautiful destinations inspired by the love for smoking weed and travelling. These places are must-go if you are planning for a marijuana-themed holiday adventure.  

1) Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, tops our list of places where you want to get high. The obvious reason is that the coffee shops in Amsterdam are allowed to sell weed and the tourists can get as high as they can without getting bothered by police authorities.

2) Barcelona

Barcelona is the new weed capital of Europe having more than 400 cannabis clubs. It is legal to carry up to 40 grams of weed for personal use so you can enjoy your vacations while smoking weed.

3) Vancouver

Vancouver, the coastal city of Canada, is the new hot spot for all the weed lovers to enjoy their vacations with breathtaking views. Marijuana is now legal in Canada for recreational purposes, you can even buy weed online, so do not worry and enjoy your vacations to the maximum while touring Vancouver.

4) Kingston

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica which is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is an attraction for weed lovers because of its liberal laws regarding the usage of weed for recreational purposes and scenic beaches.  

5) California

California, a state of the United States of America, and weed are two things that are used together these days because of the weed-friendly laws of the state. While touring California with your weed-joints, don’t forget to check out West Coast Cannabis Tours in order to make your trip truly memorable. Two things you must do while you are in CA is a tour of Muir Woods and take a tour of Yosemite Park. Both will leave you in awe with their spectacular beauty!

6) Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is the perfect spot for your ultimate stoner adventure. What is better than Montevideo for vacations since it’s the only place that has fully legalized recreational use of marijuana.

7) Prague

Although the purchase of weed is illegal in the Czech Republic a small amount of weed for personal use is overlooked by the authorities. If you are travelling on a tight budget and you want to get high at a beautiful location, Prague is the place.

8) Freetown Christiania

Located inside Copenhagen, Denmark, Freetown Christiania is called by many as stoner’s paradise. It is a small community of around 1000 people with no cars. Pusher Street is the main attraction for tourists as the open sale of weed is allowed on this street.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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