A Foodie’s Tour of Miami

If you’re planning a few days in Miami then the last thing you’ll probably be thinking about is the food. That’s because most people head to Miami for the beach, the nightlife and the shopping. But for foodies, Miami is something of a must-visit destination, so impressive are the restaurants, cafes and other assorted eateries.

Miami offers the killer combination of being right on the sea and having access to some of the best seafood on the east coast, but also being close to hundreds of miles of fertile land producing some of the most incredible produce in all of America. Add to that the fact that some of the country’s best chefs have packed their bags and moved to Miami and you have the perfect dining destination.

From lavish and decadent dining to healthy cafes to some of the best coffee shops in the world, there are few better places to eat out. Here are some suggestions if you are planning a visit:

For healthy eateries, the first place to go is the Mi Vida Café, which is one of the most respected vegetarian restaurants on the East Coast. Their organic and vegetarian cuisine is a far cry from most of the bean burgers you get in other vegetarian places. Instead, the Mi Vida offers up gourmet vegetarian dishes and surprisingly good raw food that is packed with luscious flavors. Get a table out in the impressive gardens and order one of their vitamin packed freshly squeezed shakes and juices to go with your meal.

For something a bit less healthy and a bit more fun head over to the La Camaronera seafood restaurant. This is a standing only seafood restaurant that doubles as a seafood market and everything there is fresh that day. They serve everything from super fried fish to oyster shooters and from fried fish roe to the more Latin influenced breaded lobster and black eye pea fritters. This is an affordable and relaxed destination and perfect for lunch.

For something a bit more upmarket head to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where their restaurant, Azul, serves up some of the finest cuisine in Miami. You’ll need to reserve a table and its smart dress only but it is worth it. This is one of those places you wont mind dressing up for, with its combination of candlelight, fantastic views and glamorous décor. The food is a Miami take on Asian fusion cuisine and the highlights include Sea Bass Marinated in Sake, Three Ways Cherry Sashimi, Gold and Silver Eggs with Italian Caviar and the wonderful Kobe Beef Cheeks.

If you’re not in the mood for Asian food there are a wonderful selection of great Italian restaurants too. One of the best is The Fratelli Milano. Again, you’ll need to reserve a table as it is very popular. It’s family owned and they make all their own pastries, bread and pasta. They are always cheerful in there and it is always full – and the smells coming from the pastry counter will have you drooling for dinner. Their pizzas are wonderful and a particular highlight is the lobster ravioli. For dessert you simply have to try the Tiramisu. It’s legendary.

Finally of course you have to dine out on Cuban food in Miami. One of the best Cuban restaurants is The Islas Canarias Restaurant. This is a cheery, colourfully decorated place which cooks using the same family recipes that have been handed down for generations. Favorite dishes include the oxtail in wine with croquettes, the seafood-stuffed chicken in a pink sauce and the steak and grilled onions and peppers. Leave a bit of room though to finish with a perfect cup of coffee and crispy churrasco. This is a great stepping off point to take a road trip to the Florida Everglades. They are only about an hour from Islas Canarias.

Olivia Watson

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