Best African Beaches

If you’re feeling adventurous and looking to visit a beach destination, here are some countries known for their beautiful, sandy and endless beaches.


Divided into north and south beaches, these are equally beautiful beaches to visit. They tend to have yellow sand and offer excellent diving, snorkeling and fishing activities. The main drawback for these areas is getting to them. Transport and getting to them can be tasking- you can use Tanzania or South Africa, but when you get there, depending on where you go, it’s worth it.


Most of the beaches are still unspoiled with blue, green Indian Ocean waters, so there are plenty of beaches to enjoy on the mainland Tanzania. Zanzibar is an equally popular destination with festivals taking place on the island annually. There are still smaller quiet and private islands with turquoise waters you can visit too. The pricing, though higher, are still reasonable.

Snorkeling and diving are also some of the activities you can expect to enjoy. There’s plenty of marine life like humpback whales and forest with primates to tour. Not all hotels offer this service; make it a point to ask before making your booking. While the whale watching here is not as good as whale watching tour in Iceland, they are quite good!


For incredible non-tidal beaches and tones of privacy, this country offers just that. You can opt to stay at a hotel or resort on the mainland or travel out to a private beach. The latter option is incredibly pricey but well worth the experience. Getting to and from this island country from mainland Africa can be a bit challenging, but the untouched nature of the state makes it worth the praise for a honeymoon destination.


As an island country, Mauritius is divided into north, south, east and west coastlines. Given the size of the island- about an hour’s drive across, there are a lot of modern amenities. If you’re looking for beaches buzzing with activity, spas, restaurants, hotels, marine adventures, shopping and the like, then this would be the ideal place for you. You’d quickly get the best personal injury lawyer here if you needed one given it’s an urban area.


Divided into North and South coast by a channel, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. You, however, need to move further away from Mombasa to enjoy cleaner beaches and clearer water. South coast is a favorite as it’s still rural in some areas meaning the beaches are whiter and water a beautiful blue, green color. There are plenty of water activities including water skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and jet skiing. Are you looking for a world class ultimate fishing, snorkeling, and deep sea diving experience? You can get it on the Kenyan coast.


You’re probably familiar with this country from the DreamWorks animation of the same title. There are serene and picturesque beaches to enjoy, whether you want to laze around the waters or dive or snorkel by the coral reefs. This island country is also a favorite for honeymooners mainly when the native orchids are in full bloom.

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