Top 5 Coolest Bars in London

If you are looking for a big night with friends then city of London has got many exciting and cool places to choose from. Whether you want to select a venue for an exciting date or need a pint after a hard day’s work, these bars really are the place to be.

London hosts some of the best bars on the planet but these are the best and they stand apart from the rest. Visit any of these bars and you will have an unforgettable time.  Below is a list that contains some of the best parts in the metro,
Coolest bars in London

1. North Bar Kitchen

If you are looking to impress your friends or other guests, then North Bar & Kitchen is the best place to do it. This swanky place has the right ambience to spend your night with your close ones. Located in Soho, this bar has a great European influence and has some of the best British cuisine to offer to its patrons. The ground floor of this club includes a lounge area, large tables and a large bar. The lower ground floor has got a fireplace and another bar.

North Bar & Kitchen, London

2. A Rooftop Tipi

This bar is certainly one of the gems of London. It is a brand new bar built over the Queen of Hoxton, well above Shoreditch. If you want to spend your night in a cozy retreat with your close friends then this is the place you need to be. The hot rum and mulled cider served along with apple juice at this bar is possibly the best one you can taste while you are in London.

It will surely warm up your heart and set up an exciting date for you. Furthermore, you can expect campfire readings and live music at this place. All in all, this is an exciting place to be if you want to be impressive on your first date.

A Rooftop Tipi, London

3. The Lucky Pig

If you have been tired after working for long hours on a Friday, then think of visiting the Lucky Pig. You can expect nothing but a real conundrum when you order for drinks here. In fact, their signature drinks are possibly the safest options for you to try.

Located between the impressive Theatreland and the quirky Camden, the Lucky Pig is the perfect place for many to have a drink or two after a hard day’s work. An interesting assortment of vintage, eclectic and mismatched furniture is what gives this place a homely look. And with an array of cocktails on offer, you will never be disappointed when you finally leave this place.

The Lucky Pig, London

4. The Sports Cafe

If you are a sports lover and like to watch matches in pubs then this is the place you need to visit. The Sports Cafe is one of the most liked sports bar among Londoners. It is usually crowded when there is a big match to be telecast live on television. In fact, the bar is well dotted with television sets and the decor set up at the place is truly dedicated to sports. The food and the beer served at this place is something to vouch for.

The Sports Cafe

5. The Hunter S

This is one traditional English pub you would definitely love visiting while you are in London. The place offers you with an interesting and fun-filled dining and drinking experience that cannot be matched by any other bar in the UK. Some of the pub classics like the Sunday roast, beef Wellington and fish and chips, are hugely popular among the crowd here. Noteworthy is the Stonehenge replica they have behind the bar. They even offer Stonehenge tours on the winter and summer solstice.

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The Hunter S, London

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