6 Unforgettable Holiday Destinations for 2019

Winter is closing in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming of your next holiday. If you enjoy the sun and warmth more than the cold and snow, summer 2019 may be calling your name. It’s never too early to start planning your next holiday. Here are the hottest destinations of 2019.


1) The Balearic Islands


Known for its beaches and scenic coastline, the Balearic Islands make for superb beach holidays for those wanting to unwind and relax. You have a selection of Islands to choose from, all with their own quirks. Ibiza, for instance, is perfect for those who want to experience the energetic nightlife, whereas Menorca is more low-key and family-centric. For crystal blue seas and an air of relaxation, Menorca can be perfect for a group of friends, a family trip or a couple. For additional luxury, there many lavish villas in Menorca to choose from.


2) Iceland


Called the land of fire and ice, Iceland has seen an influx of tourists over recent years. Fly into Reykjavik, and if you are brave enough, rent a camper van and start exploring the country. The unspoiled landscape and nature are beautiful and tranquil, with unrivaled rugged mountains and hills. Witness geysers, which are great fun and a rare natural phenomenon, and visit Landmannalaugar, with its multicolored sand which stands out from the skyline. Absolutely breath-taking.


3) Split, Croatia


Croatia is continuing to be one of the hottest destinations right now, with a flurry of Game of Thrones fans hoping to claim the Iron Throne. While there are no thrones in Split, Diocletian’s Palace was used for the place where Daenerys kept her dragons, as well as her throne room.

What makes Split stunning, though, is the islands within reach, as well as some luxurious beaches for you to lounge on. Skip Bacvice beach, which is usually dubbed the best beach, and instead head to Bene beach or Kasjuni beach. The latter offers exclusive sun loungers and lavish curtained sunbeds.


4) Amalfi Coast, Italy


When you think of Italy, your mind may trail to Rome, Florence, and Milan. However, the Amalfi Coast is a glorious stretch of coastline with sheer cliffs and beautiful pastel-colored finishing villages that are Instagram worthy.

Head for the architecture and beaches, but stay for the food. Fresh seafood will grace your menus, along with authentic Italian pasta and pizza.


5) New Zealand


Mellow living and full of culture, New Zealand has dynamic vistas and mammoth national parks for you to hike and discover. There’s everything here, from city living to vast mountains that you may recognize from Lord of the Rings to wine regions that are ideal for all wine connoisseurs.


6) Canada


Exploring Canada is no easy task. It’s vast and dramatic landscape makes for an exhilarating but sometimes cold and long exploration; however, it is perfect for road trips or single destination holidays. You can ski (Whistler is fantastic for this), explore the vibrant cities, and visit Banff for its scenic environment and popular film festival.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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